I was considering a product because a friend had offered it for free on Facebook. When talking to her more about it, the product came out to be almost $40.

It hurt me a little bit to spend my money on a product that I had never heard of or one that I was unaware of what it did. But I was helping out a friend so I sucked it up. After receiving a small tube of eye cream I was a little more angry considering I paid such a high price for a small tube that barely took up space in the box it was shipped in. A month later I woke up to an email stating how I was being auto shipped the product again!!

I tried to cancel the shipment online; come to find out that I had to order for three consecutive months in order to cancel anything within the company. I called customer service to cancel the shipment. I was told that I had to pay a $50 cancelation fee. So on top of not enjoying the product I was shipped, I had to pay a fee where I would get nothing out of it besides not being shipped any of their products.

It was a waste of $90 to have the product and cancel it; if you are on the fence about ordering a product from here I suggest you reevaluate your decision and do not base your choices off of just helping a friend out. In the long run it is not worth the hassle of dealing with this company.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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All of this and more is there for you to read when placing your order and signing up. If you didnt read it that's on you girl!

As for the eye cream...

eh you could have tried another product for same or less each month. You gave up.


If you want to order a product at Loyal Customer pricing, you should be aware of the terms and conditions of being a Loyal Customer. If you would have paid retail price, you wouldn't have been placed on autoship.

Distributors are independant and do not work for the company. Sounds like you need to take it up with whoever it was you purchased from on Facebook that failed to mention the program and agreement...


I hate to sound ugly, but your friend sounds like the problem, not the company. I'm not sure how you used the Lip and Eye Cream, but it takes a very tiny amount.

I have had the same tube for about 3 months and it is an amazing product, I have seen a huge difference.

I'm sorry you did not like the product, but I would be more angry with my friend for not telling me the truth about what I was signing up for.


Your comment is not ugly and I think that you have your opinion and I have mine. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the product, but I was not.

I did not use a lot of the product which is why I did not need a refill on the product when the three month repurchase came around.

Yes it was shady of my friend to not mention the fact that I was signing up for a mandatory amount of product purchases...but it is also not fair of the company not to be up front about the fact that there is a mandatory amount of product purchases. Again, I'm so happy you were able to have a great experience with the product and the company, but mine was a bit different.


The company is upfront and and when you sign up there is a nice long terms of agreement that your name is typed into. The fist couple of lines (even if you didn't read the whole thing) talks about a 3 month commitment.

Plus if the 3 month commitment isn't finished a 50 dollar membership fee is charged.

It's not a cancellation fee, it was a fee that was waived in exchange for the 3 months. Instead of letting that 50 bucks go to waste it could've been used to try a product where perhaps you saw those results.


The company is very upfront about the three months of autoships or the early cancellation fee. The terms and conditions are right on their website, and also on the enrollment page.

You have to electronically sign that you agree to these terms when you enroll. If read, it's all explained.


You can't justify charging your customers $50 just to cancel a membership. It costs nothing to NOT send someone a product and cancel their account in your system. Your company is literally punishing people for turning down their product.


I find it HIGHLY disingenuous that what are obviously It Works distributors are here down voting every negative post and commenting that the original poster "obviously" should have known what she was getting herself into. Furthermore, I find it even more disturbing that there is a pattern among the positive It Works reviews (read: the distributors) that these people don't even have a steady handle of the English language. Now we know why they have to hawk body wrap wraps for a pennies per hour living.

@Side eye

You know I was thinking the same thing about them not appearing to have a steady grasp on the English language! I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice this!

Some of the things said in their "positive rebuttals" don't make sense! Also if you read through a lot of these complaints the same exact rebuttal seems to appear on a few of them. My sister just became a "distributer" of this product to try to get some extra money for her family bc she has 4 children and has been trying to get by on just her husband's salary. I saw her post on Facebook about it tonight and was immediately skeptical.

Now I'm downright worried, she DEFINITELY cannot afford to lose money in this endeavor.

I am now going to try to convince her that she has made a mistake and hope she can find a way to get out of this with as little loss as possible. I hope this scam is stopped because preying on people that clearly already need money is just sick!


The $50 membership fee is charged in order to cancel the autoship and leave the account open. By paying the fee, you're stopping the autoship but still getting the Loyal Customer membership for life, so if you decide that you want to want to try a product later on you'll still get the discount without having to commit to the 3-month autoship again.Essentially, the price of your lifetime Loyal Customer membership is $50 or the total of 3 automatic shipments.In cases where the membership fee is waived, the account is canceled completely, and you'll need to commit to the 3-month autoship or pay the membership fee if you want to reenroll as a Loyal Customer.


When they sign up as a loyal customer they are making a commitment... in exchange they are waiting the membership fee and giving them a discount on products.

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