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WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!Let me start by saying I have NEVER been one to take time out of my day to leave a bad review on any service/experience, but the one I have had w/ itWorks over the last 4 days has led me to do just that. Its gonna be a long one… I have moved from VA to SC since my last order.

Tuesday, I contacted my distributor, gave her my new addy & paid $17 for 2-day shipping. Come Thurs morning, I checked ship status & noticed it was en route to VA. I msg’d distributor who apologized, stating system must've failed to save new addy & within minutes she advised me to contact customer service where they had noted my acct that a 2nd order would be overnighted at no cost. I called & it was noted.

Verified correct address again and replaced order! So this morning( FRIDAY) I check status of 2nd order & I see they sent it to wrong address AGAIN!!!!! Immediately call back into CS, where I would be placed on hold 10+ times over the next hour by rep Kye. She first tells me since a reorder was already processed, they cant do another one.

I demand a supervisor. (It would be another 45 min till I spoke to one). But Kye continues to “help”, first by asking if I can contact the new residents of my previous address 2 states away. I asked her if she was crazy.

I demanded refund of my $17 2day shipping fee, to which im told can not be done, but that a 3rd order would be sent next business day at no cost. And seeing as its Fri., it wont ship out till Monday. I again demand a supervisor, & after 2-3 more holds, still being told she is waiting on her sup b/c they are taking calls too. Kye again offers the FREE next day ship IF my $17 is not refunded.

If I want the refund, they will ship 3rd order 7-14 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??? So I again, demand a sup. It would be another 3-4 holds till Supervisor Carlisle gets on phone.

He states he can send the order & will have to submit a ticket to billing dept to request fee refund which can take 24-48 hours. I continue to explain my dissatisfaction when suddenly, Oh, billing just approved the refund in 4 min. And order will be sent 1 Business Day. As you can imagine, I cancel my auto ship scheduled for next month.

Call ends. Approx 1 hour later, I check online to verify the 3rd reorder is going to right address, and I see it finally is, in 7-14 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Never have I dealt with such BS! Back on the phone for another 30 min.

Demand sup immediately, placed on hold for 12 min. When sup comes on, he says it looks like it actually had just got updated to correct shipping (“just”, being just when I called in, yeah I bet!). So I will wait another 4 days, for a total of 1 week +1day from the time I ordered and paid for 2day shipping to get a single bottle of product. And instead of being able to use it for 2 weeks before my vacation for better results, i will have 1 week.

And even that wouldn't be nearly as big an issue if the service I received in addition wasn't so downright ridiculous. So if you choose to order itWorks, you better hope they get it right the first time, because once they have your $$$, you're screwed if anything goes wrong,

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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