I am big, so, I decided to give it a try. The only thing that it works did for me was, It Works to take money out of my pocket and line theirs.


It is just a scam that needs to be shut down.......

NO customer support, NO local dealers that have any idea what they are selling (anyone can become a dealer, if they just buy in), Wrong shipments, Forced purchasing.

Try getting out before your first 3 months are done, you have to pay $50. Scam or no scam??

They even takled my wife into being a dealer. now we are trying to get her out and God only knows what that is gonna cost!!!

Reason of review: everything that you can think of.

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To those who sell this stuff, it's a fact, tested by different labs, showing higher than acceptable LEAD amounts in seveal of It Works products.. They have been legally warned to disclose this fact.

In California we have a Prop 65 warning of lead.

And puhleeeze, do not comment how it's "natural occurring amounts ..." BS because natural or otherwise...it has high amounts of LEAD ,period. YOU WILL STILL BE CONSUMING TO MUCH LEAD.


I use the products and have already lost weight. And it says right on the website when you sign up that you either pay a $50 membership fee, or you do a 3 month auto ship.

And if you cancel you pay the $50. Its all right there.


Hey! I am a distributor for the company.

It does not cost anything for her to stop distributing, she just needs to remove her card from her esuite! Or call and cancel!

If you have any questions, or decide to give it another shot, please contact me! This is something I take very seriously and would love to help!


This company isn't a scam at all. The products are amazing and worth every penny you spend on them.

I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I use the Fat Fighters and have great results from them. I even asked my doctor if it was safe to use them and he told me absolutely.

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