A mutual friend sells it works and she told me a out it and i said i will give it a try and see it works...when i did receive my package i told her and i started use it and too be honest i dont like it it gave me strong stomach pain.when i looked at my email and said there was going to be another reorder and the same thing.I texted the the mutual friend and told her to stop that order and cancel that order cause i never gave permission for another same order...and she didnt do it all she did is changed the order and i told her not too

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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Bc products like these “natural” lose weight with no exercise have lead in them


The products are NOT "lose weight with no exercise" products, ItWorks markets the products with the expectation that their customers aren't stupid enough to think that it's some miracle cure that'll fix whatever weight or health problems they might have without the customer having to put any kind of effort into it. You know what else has lead in it, and probably the same amount of lead as the ItWorks products?

The fruits and vegetables at your local supermarket.

Stop taking California's stupidly-low Prop 65 limits and using them as an excuse to say that the products are intentionally dangerous. The FDA might not have approved the products as a cure or treatment for health issues, but they sure as heck have stepped in to make sure that the stuff is at least safe for the general population to use.

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