I have been charged a second month and have yet to receive the first shipment. I contacted the company via website and no response to cancel my subscription all together

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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They probably doing this on purpose and pretending there is such a high demand because they been losing customers throughout the years so if they make it seem like it’s this “hot product” and keeping it on backorder on purpose so people will be sucked in doing a second month and even a third month without trying the product= more sales and money in their pocket because they probably know people won’t get the results. They just find products on amazon and try to copy them anyway.

They are getting smarter in pretending they have so many orders so ppl will be sucked in for three months without even having the product. Don’t give them your money



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