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I purchased this from the retailer and it took 2 weeks to receive it. So in case of this causing a mad rush to the bathroom, i waited to take it saturday and sunday.

So u was warned of the tatse but didn't find it to be too bad. I personally think it had apple cider vinegar in it. It tasted that way and i get heartburn very badly from vinegar and after drinking this it did cause a bit of heartburn. I weighed myself before the cleanse and after and gained 1.8 pounds over the weekend while on it.

I have been folllowing keto for 2 weeks prior and maintained that while on the cleanse and lost more weight while just simply following a keto diet. This didnt cause diarrhea, however, i did get huge bursts of energy about an hour after drinking it. The 2nd day it made me so dang thirsty and i was cleaning my house like a maniac so i was drinking a lot of water. By the end of the day my stomach felt so bloated and full of water i knew it wasnt going to be a success.

They tell you to make sure you're drinking a lot of water though.

All and all this was a bust. I wouldnt waste my money if i were you.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cleanse Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I ordered the thermafit vitamin supplements Jan 15 & as of Feb 24 I still have not received them!! I have been messaging the lady dealer that I ordered through & she assures me that they are shipped & will be here soon.

In the mean time she gave me some free 2 day cleanse. Well, I had no results what so ever with the cleanse. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

I now have had 2 payments of $44.63 charged to my credit card & no merchandise! Yep........$89.26 for nothing!!!

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