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I want to share my personal experience as an It Works distributor. I was with the company for about 6 months.

After listening to enough of their "success" stories I finally figured I'd give it a try as a side job for extra income. There's a fee of $99.00 to join. There are many things they don't tell you until after you have already joined. First, if you order products at their discount you will be automatically signed for for 3 months.

If you try to cancel you have to pay a $50 fee. They try to scam people into signing up without telling them the whole story. Then, unless you cancel your subscription after three months, you will continue to receive It Works products forever! Be sure to log in to your online account and cancel and remove all of your payment information or you will be charged for a long time.

Next, you basically have to pay money to earn money. Unless you sell $150 worth of products to customers EVERY month you will not receive your commission. You also have the option of paying $80 every month yourself in order to get commission. Your commission check could be $20.00 yet you would have to pay $80.00 to receive that...pretty ridiculous right?

The distributors teach you how to get others to join your team as a distributor or to get customers by basically lying to them. They tell you to never tell a customer that they are signing them up for three months! They just say you're getting a 40% discount but don't tell you the rest of the terms! If you do decide to sign up as a loyal customer make sure you do it yourself so you know your login information and read the terms and conditions.

If you don't and want to cancel before the three months are up you will be charged $50! Overall, I have spent over $500.00 on products and fees and have only earned $15.00 in 6 months! I earned more a day working a part time job when I was a teen. Next, they don't tell you there's a $20.00 fee every month for your website to work.

That's in addition to the $80.00 so you're commission qualified. Basically, you'll be paying more every month then you'll actually earn. Don't get fooled by their success stories, the more money someone has earned with this company actually means they lied that much better. They teach you to lie to get customers because that's the only way someone will join them.

Their products don't work either. I have tried 8 of their wraps and they have done absolutely nothing. I mean I would understand if one didn't work, but EIGHT? Come on.

Then I tried the cleanse which again did absolutely nothing at all. I tried the Hair,Skin, and Nails vitamins which did nothing to make my hair grow. I would have been better off buying the vitamins at Walmart for $10.00. All the products themselves are made in Mexico from really cheap ingredients.

You have to wonder if they're even safe to use since we all know the water in Mexico is unclean and very dangerous in most places. What are you really putting into your body?! It's kind of a scam that they don't have any reviews on their website don't you think? The only photos they use of their products actually working are ones they created themselves.

You have to ask yourself what kind of company really wouldn't allow their customers to post honest reviews of their products. The kind that just wants your money. Please really think about everything I just mentioned before you join this company as a customer or distributor. It's really unethical and misleading to it's customers and distributors.

If you're reading this, I believe you can find a much better job literally anywhere and make a better living in an honest way where you don't have to lie to people everyday.

Don't waste your time, the only people really succeeding in this company are the ones who know how to lie really well. I think you deserve better.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

I didn't like: Deception.

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“The water in Mexico isn’t safe in most places” shows your lack of information on both the company & worldwide news. They aren’t “cheap” ingredients reason why they’re sold at a decent price. You were very munch informed wrongly.


One can say anything negative about ANY business model, rather it be real estate, franchise...etc. Google ANY brand or company and you will find negative things. Dogs don't bark at parked cars.


How did you leave? I’m a distributor and I don’t want to be anymore.

to alize13 #1624481

Send support a message, open a ticket let just tell them to delete your account. They will message you back, closing the ticket, saying they are sorry blah blah blah that if you still want out to open another ticket and they will close the account.


It makes me very sad that you had this experience. That is not at ALL the vision of the company or how the programs work.

Yes you need clients to make money. Yes there is an option to purchase 80BV yourself to be qualified for a commission check if you fall short of the 150bv in client sales. The 80BV distributor program is also meant for you to be a product of the product. Kinda like if you go to Outback Steakhouse and love your meal.

You take a picture post it on social media. Talk about how fantastic it was. And others go there. You paid for that meal, you advertised for Outback but are you getting anything out of it?

Nope. Just maybe some friends saying hey thanks I tried the same thing and it was so delicious. NO WHERE in any trainings or team meetings should anyone be pushing anyone to lie to people. The company is built on a Christian faith based standard.

And if an upline is encouraging lying to clients, they are for sure 100% NOT the vision of the company. I'm so sorry that you ended up in The wrong team. It really makes me sad and angry for you. After 2 years I couldnt be happier doing what I do and helping people live a better and healthier life.

I have had nothing but an amazing experience and my own personal health is a total 180 from where i was before i joined and really got in deep to my product use. I'm very saddened and sorry that you had such an experience that is the opposite of what the company is about and how it should be worked.


Thank you


I never had to pay anything to get commission! I sell products to get commissions also I chose not to set up my distributor auto ship so I have to consent to every charge to my visa


This is the exact experience I had with them. Except I spent over a thousand dollars and made $300 in 3 months.

Absolutely ridiculous. The company claims that they are a Christians based and Charity giving group of people. They make money off distributors and customers by 100 percent telling them that the ingredients work, but the only way to truly see results is to stick with the products for at least 3 months. Why?

Because of the 3 month agreement you enter in to when you become a "Loyal" Customer.

Their are some products that do work but you can find equal quality products for half the price. The ones that got rich from this company are indeed LIARS.


I am so so sorry that all of you have had so many terrible issues with the company! I am with the company and thats not how my team works AT ALL.

I take care of all my customers. If they wanna cancel their monthly shipments i do so right away. Yes there's a cancellation fee BUT you are absolutely able to order just 1 time.. i also tell all potential customers about the fees and 3 months BEFORE ordering for them.

Ive signed up a lot of distributors under me also and i ALWAYS let them know all the facts BEFORE signing them up. We also DONT have to pay money to get money. YES there is a start up cost because you get a starter kit worth over $120.. Ive promoted already, ive MADE MONEY already.

My first check was only $25 because i was only signed up for like 6 days during that period.. this was incentive for me to WANT to work and help people reach their goals! The next month my commission check was $86, i got 2 $100 bonuses, AND a $100 shopping spree for the products.. Sometimes the issue is with thw representative, not the company.

I seriously apologize to every single one of you for having all of those issues!

Reading these I literally could NOT even imagine dealing with half of that! I only even saw this page because i needed the customer service number to get my friend signed up with me since she doesnt wanna sign up online.

to Sam #1577803

Totally agree Sam. See my comment too. It makes me really sad and really angry that some people end up on the wrong team that preaches the exact opposite of what we are all about.


Actually, as a DT you can buy products for just a month ( you are not automatically signed up for three months. Also, it’s up to you how you make a sale, I always am honest and make sure my customers know that it is a 3 month agreement.


Whoever signed you up, obviously is not a good leader at all. i am DT for itworks and not once has my leader lied to me or has told me to lie to any customers.

the purpose is to help our customers! im sorry you had a bad experience, i love my tribe and my leader, she is amazing and very helpful.


I made the mistake of joining it works and have only been with them for a month idc about the $50 I want out and I have no idea how to cancel it keeps telling me I can’t before the 3 months. I can’t believe I fell for their crap

to Kayci #1592907

It sucks

to Anonymous #1592910

Here is what my up line lady messaged me that got me to bite.....notice the no membership fee comment. You are going to LOVE it!

There is no membership fee! You just order ONE product of your choice for three months and after that you can cancel but still always get the discount! You get 10% back on all your purchases to use towards free product plus other perks!

Here's what I need to get your order placed for you! Name Phone Number Address Email CC # Exp Date Please let me know if your shipping address is different from your billing address.

to Anonymous #1593797

Why are they asking for your info? I am a distributor and I just send people to my website so they can sign up and make the order by themselves.

True, there is a 3 month commitment if they want the sales price but they can also by retail and not worry about it. I am not going to say I am making hundreds or anything. The products I use are products I would use no matter what, like my vegan shake, probiotics and the multivitamin pack with minerals and omega 3, it is actually cheaper than the one I used to buy before ItWorks. I really do not care to recruit, if someone wants to join sure I will send my link and gladly have them as part of my team, I also do not push any sales.

I joined because I wanted the products I am using and why not get a little back, I am going to use the products no matter what. Anyways, that's my 2 cents on it.

Jessie Snyder

Thank you for posting this. I wish I had done my research before joining and losing quite a bit of money and TIME.

I'm glad to see your post helped a few people to make a decision.Just about any part time job would allow more time with family than this one. Working 50 hours a week "from home" still doesn't allow much family time!


A friend of mine brought the ingredients to her doctors and they are appalled at this crap

to Anonymous #1577806

I had the exact opposite from my drs. I have multie rare chronic health issues and ALL my drs.

ENT. Allergist. Cardiologist, neurologist , obgyn ..

they all agreed these were #1very safe and #2 an amazing alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. I went from a total bed ridden zombie to living a normal life with the use of my products from it works.

to Amy K #1624468

This last reply must be an absolute lie since those supplements aren’t tested in a clinical way. No self respecting doctor would ever say they are as safe and effective as pharmaceuticals, that have been rigorously tested in randomized controlled trials, to treat any disorders or diseases or health issues.

In fact, it is absolutely illegal to make such claims.

The FDA sends warning letters to companies that do so. I’m sure your company materials have informed you that you cannot make any such claims.

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