The "It Works" Company fraudulently misrepresents their product that caused damage, and injury....Physical and Emotional Distress caused by Product after discontinued use..

Product Liability Case Situations: I'd like to open a class action lawsuit regarding a Hair Product that as a result of discontinued use caused severe hair loss damages... I feel that the company miss represented the product, and should be held accountable.

I'm seeking legal advice for the above case situation in regards to my rights to hold the It Works Hair Skin & Nails Pills Supplements product Company, and its manufacturing company for hair loss damages... I'd like to know as a consumer what are my Rights to recover compensatory damages under the Law in this case situations.

I am seeking to open up a Lawsuit, or if possible a Class Action Lawsuit... As a result of using a hair care product called Hair, Skin and Nails by a Company called, "It Works", and the It Works Hair Skin Nails Manufacturing company: made in the USA, and the It Works Marketing, Inc. Palmetto, FL. 34221; 800-537-2395... there was no Consumer warning of what could happen if use of the product is stopped or discontinued ...

From 3/2015 to 3/2016: I used the product for approximately one year, and I discontinued use of the product around 3/2016 because I was satisfied with result at the time... but after about five/ six months had passed, gradually my hair began to change, then the change went from bad to worse as of August/ September of 2016...I suffered extreme hair damages: Breakage, Dullness, Hair Loss, Balding on both sides of my head until about 60% of my hair was Loss...never experienced anything like this before; I went to see a Dermatologist, and she said, "that I had Alopecia", a condition that I know was the result caused by discontinued use of the product... my hair grew like it was on steroids, and when that growth stimulant was no longer present, the beauty turned into emotional and physical distress...

Cases Summary:

1. Defective/ Dangerous by "It Works" Hair Skin and Nails Company, in that you could suffer harmful side effects of severe damages and hair loss...which could have been prevented; (Act of negligence to warn) there wasn't any kind of warning in the labeling or verbally...I feel that this company and its manufacturing company's advertising, and sales tactics are manipulative and deceptive...I wouldn't want what happen to me to happen to you.


Vonda G.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am having the same effect. I stopped taking it in March, and now my hair is literally falling out.

It is brittle and dull and super thin. I am freaking out because i am finding my hair everywhere and have to clean my brush everyday.


Well it did the same things to me after using it a couple of weeks my hair Started breaking and falling out by the hand full. I took pictures of all the hair that I was looking.

My nails are brittle and splitting and breaking like crazy. My hair is the most important to be I dont want to be balled. I'm afraid my hair want grow back.

I stopped taking asap. Pat fitch


It says right in their terms and conditions that results vary between individuals and that they can't guarantee specific results. Just because YOU had those results doesn't mean the product is defective or dangerous.

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