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I (and my husband) were ItWorks distributors, Double Diamond (average of $5,000/per month) and Emerald status (average of $700/per month). I had an un-just issue, and was blocked by every upline of mine, team pages (Goal Diggers, Goals Diggers Leadership Group, Diamond Dynasty, Wrapping Legends, Wrapping Legends Leadership group, and my own personal Team Chat on Facebook (with over 60 team members we had helped build up).

I was accused, without ever being asked, of joining another MLM company (Multi-Level Marketinv), Le-Vel Thrive, though I have not and never had intentions of doing so. I had never even mentioned any other companies like that. Not once. Ever.

My husband and I had been wholeheartedly with ItWorks business for almost a year. Working. Day-in and day-out. Helping others.

Building our "downlines" and setting them up for promotions. Building our uplines and watching them get promotion after promotion. Spending countless hours on the computer, on the phone, on social media, doing actual physical paperwork, "mapping" or "charting" (which is like a ladder, or pyramid, where you have to have so many people under you and above you in certain spots and sell at least $140 worth of product every single month AND get tow NEW Loyal Customers every single month at least or you were not commission qualified and not getting a paycheck. I'm other words, you could get 7 new loyal customers, but if you didn't sell at least $150 in product-no paycheck.

Or, you could get one existing customer to buy a thousand dollars worth of product, but if you did not get two NEW loyal customers, you did not get a paycheck. Or, you could place a "personal auto-shipment order" of at LEAST $80 every month (must be done by the 25th of the month) and get commission qualified, but then your check was most likely not much, MAYBE aroun $50? One more option? ItWorks gives you the option to spend thousands of your own money to "buy-in" by the end f the month, place personal orders, to hit a promotion.

Shady, right? Right. Anyway, I was accused of "going against compliance", somewhere, someone must have wanted me out. Gone.

Kicked out or something, so somewhere somehow a rumor stared that I had joined another MLM company. Like I said, I had NEVER even amtakjed about this company, or any others! Then, with ZETO questions from anyone, no one bothered to even message, call, or text to ASK, I was deleted and blocked from EVERYTHING. I did not find out about this until my personal enroller "L.

M." reached out to me and asked me if I had joined another MLM group, I denied and showed proof I hadn't, showed proof I had just been talking to new customer ms and potential customers, posting about the products, basically working, etc. THEN, she again accused me, ignoring my messages saying "well, you can't do Thrive and ItWorks at the same time", right after I had just denied it an proved I had never done so!! THEN, she said word-for-word that "well I guess those peopl (who blocked me and kicked me out) just jumped the gun, they got scared and assumed." Word. For.

Word. I am heart broken, and so is my husband, I know I have been treated indubitably un-justly, and I had no clue how to get back to my team groups, pages and chats. I contacted and messaged the CEO of itworks, who has responded to me PERSONALLY before, on Facebook messenger, and h all f a sudden went "A-Wol". He read and saw my message, my cry and beg or help, and advice, an blatantly ignored me.

I have screen shots of conversations and everything. I have proof and green shots of the corrupt people, talking HORRIBLY about my own team members, and even one I my team members child.. saying that their child's teeth were "messed up" and the team member "must have been on drugs while pregnant". What does tat even have to do with business??

Do NOT trust these people. I am so sad to say that I was ince a part of this corrupt, borderline illegal 'company'. The people you see who make $10,000, $15,000, even twenty to forty thousand dollar "pay checks" did not honestly earn that, they bought in at LEAST half of it. I have had several customers complain about Fat Fighters constipatinh you (they aooened to me for months...) and receiving packages with no seals and owned containers and missing product.

When these people report it, they are blocked and never heard from again about the situation. Please, protect yourself. Your health, your morals, your emotions.

Your finances. Do not let them get one over on you as well.

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The apex of the ItWorks! pyramid is populated with 2 families:

Fam # 1: The family of Mark and Cindy Pentecost (Mark is the CEO) , 2 daughters 1 son + in-laws.

Fam # 2: The family of Pam Sowder - the BodyWrap inventor.

Company revenue has fallen tremendously but these 2 families + their friends are still making $$$ from 60K + distributors.


I can safely say, after working as an ItWorks customer service rep for about 3 YEARS, that your explanation of how to become commissions qualified is full of {{Redacted}}.

To qualify for your monthly commission, you have to either:

A) Set up and process an autoship on your Distributor account for 80 Bonus Volume (or "BV'; a value assigned to individual products that's basically used to determine its "commission value").

Most products have a BV that's equal to or slightly less than its wholesale price (the price you pay as a Distributor or Loyal Customer), so this will usually come out to around $80-$100 plus any tax and shipping.

B) Accumulate at least 150 Personal Bonus Volume (PBV) for the month. Personal Bonus Volume is the combined BV of the orders placed by you and the Loyal Customers directly under you (as in, people who are listed as being under you and not under Distributors that are part of your downline). For instance, if you and two of your Loyal Customers each place an order for 50BV worth of product, you'll be commissions qualified because you had 150 PBV.

That's it. You don't have to enroll a minimum number of new customers each month to earn your commissions. You don't have to spend "thousands of dollars" to qualify for your commissions each month. At most, you'll pay around $100 dollars if you qualify through your autoship, or around $150-$200 if you decide to place 150BV worth of orders yourself.

As for Mark Pentecost not doing anything about your uplines blacklisting you and accusing you of violating compliance by joining two companies...

what the {{Redacted}} do you expect him or anybody in ItWorks to do? Handling fights between Distributors is NOT the company's responsibility, it's the responsibility of the Distributors involved.


It doesn't sound like you and I are talking about the same company. I make money, and I have never "bought in" to get what I earned.

I buy my personal products at a 40% discount, and I am more than happy with the quality of the products as well as the results I am getting. Nothing illegal or shady going on in my business.

to Anonymous #1379648

Oh we are most definitely speaking of the same company.

to Anonymous #1389931

Why don't you use your name then? The processes you have discussed above are not how this company works.

You cant buy yourself a promotion. Don't write things that are not true - that called slander and you can be sued for that.

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