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Got roped into this scam by a friend. Said it was easy to sell, products worked etc.

Signed up only to find out it’s a pyramid scheme and the products don’t work. When YOU make a sale and get paid EVERYONE above you gets a percentage of YOUR PAY.

Including the person that originally signed you up, and the person that signed them up and it keeps going until it reaches the CEO.you also have to pay a monthly fee for your website which totals $200 a year or $16 a month..be cautious of people that sell beauty or health products but are not a product of the products. Meaning, still have stretch marks but claims the cream works, still have a big stomach and loose skin but claims the wraps works, still obese but claims the detox works etc...those are Red flags too

Review about: It Works Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Detox =/= Weight Loss. You can benefit from detoxing products without losing weight.

And try actually reading the Compensation Plan. Your commission is equal to 10% of the total Bonus Volume (BV) of product bought by the Loyal Customers under you that month, and you will earn the FULL 10%. While your upline does receive bonus commissions based on how much BV the people under them have gained, it is NOT taken out of the commissions that you accumulated for the month.

Even then, upline Distributors don't automatically get their bonus commissions. They have to put in the work to become qualified themselves, and a Distributor only receives the bonus commissions from a certain number of steps based on their rank for that month.


yes people i was sadly fooled into this scam to i should have sued them


It is a pyramid scheme that happens months over months. I sadly was roped into it as well.

I was not informed about several things. The monthly cost of your website, the auto shipments. I was then added to Facebook groups where there teach you appease your Facebook audience. There are apps that will post for you on scheduled intervals talking about your ItWorks life.

They ask you to Freind at least 50-100 people a day on Facebook and gain a ridiculous amount of followers a day. They encourage women to post about being single independent mothers who are finally able to work from home and fully support their children/household. So they can rip off struggling mothers or in instances fathers? I think not!

They will use trigger words like "you'll be getting this on my discounted rate if you order by (blah blah) no there are no discounted rate. The distributor and customer pay the same. End of story. Smoke and mirrors.

This company is ***. Straight up.


So basically, you thought you'd get rich immediately without the hard work? That's what happens a lot.

That's one wonky pyramid, a pyramid scheme is when you can't pass the person above you in rank or pay btw, which is totally far from true, everyone starts with the SAME kit and depending on how hard you work, I've seen people start and in a year are making more then the person that signed them up.

So yeah, some wonky pyramid there... and yes, the owner of a company usually gets paid when their product sells FYI.

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