I tried to help out a friend with her new small business and told her I would like to try the Greens. They were around $40 plus a shipping fee...

which was pricey. After she took my credit card information and placed the order, I received an email with my account information and auto-ship information. She never told me about the recurring payments, that I was put on auto-ship, etc. She told me I could cancel any time, but when I went to cancel...

there was a $50 cancellation fee. I had to threaten to sue the company and my friend for false advertisement and for using my card without my permission.

They finally waived the cancellation fee after one hour of going back and forth. The greens were okay, but definitely not worth the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: Customer service.

Store Location: Tempe, Arizona

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If you read the terms of agreement you can see that all that information is on there, actually. When I signed up for my Greens it was all there.

It tells how the 40% discount comes into play when you sign up for autoshipment as Loyal Customer. Normally that Loyal Customer membership has a fee, but if you agree to 3 months autoshipping it's waived.

If you cancel before that there's the $50 charge that you would have paid for the membership to begin with. Its all laid out for everyone to see.


If someone is selling you their wonderful product, they should

explain the terms of agreement and the Loyal Customer program and not make the customer read their terms of agreement.

Most people who buy from companies like this, are doing it

based on their friend's recommendation (usually it's the friend wanting to sell you these products).

If that friend does not explain to you how the program works, they really aren't a good friend.

They are just out for themselves and don't care about their relationship with you.


*** what do you think autoship means?


If she let her "friend" do the order, then she didn't realize or see the "autoship" agreement. I have placed an order for another business with a friend and just wrote down my credit card and billing/shipping info on a paper form.

So I can see how easily this could be missed if her friend did not inform her (as she should have). Only to find out AFTER receiving her first email that informed her of the autoship terms.


same thing happened to me. but im not sure i feel like going through it with them to cancel.

im not in the mood for fighting tooth and nail for some BS. i already got charged for the second auto shipment with no warning or anything. im pretty pissed and this is extremely decieving.

dont think i will be getting anything else from this company. with the price im paying for this stuff shipping should be free.


It's all laid out in the terms before you click submit. If people would take the time to actually read it would save a lot of hassle.


What it comes down to is we trust the people selling these products. And we shouldn't. End of story.

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