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Just wondering what experience, good or bad, anyone has had with the "McLain Team" (Shawn & Kristen). I've been pondering the idea of joining but after reading the horror stories of some of these leaders, I'm torn.

I see their FB posts that a friend often shares and it seems they are really doing well in the business. I've often heard this is a multi-level marketing thing or pyramid process. Would love some insight on how a distributor makes the money. I have learned that you "sign up" people, then they sign up people and it all trickles down I suppose.

It's kind of overwhelming. Need some advice please.

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Hey! Feel free to contact me for any questions if you're still looking to become a distributor!

And keep in mind, success is not based off spamming people. Being genuine about these products is what draws people to you! It should never be an idea that is forced down someones throat! Best of luck to you!

I have been in the company for a while and am very pleased with my experience! Would love to chat and share some advice to get you off and running also!



I am an It Works distributor and I would love to answer any questions you have.

Please feel free to text me on my cell. My number is 325-277-6472

You can request me as a friend on Facebook as well Amy Holt Frailey.

Thank you!!



Don't join!! The products are ***!!

Your up line will want you to harass people on Instagram all day and night! Do your research on the product ingredients. It's a scam. I was a previous DT and was appalled what I saw going on.

I quit because I couldn't keep lying to people about the products and how great they supposedly were.


I am personally part of Team Miracle and these ladies rock it. Awesome people that help every step of the way. :)


I've been involved with several MLM companies and no matter what name you put on it, they are all the same. It's a fake it till you make it scenario and yes, the ones at the top make all the money.

You spend thousands on inventory, websites, billing and collecting and bugging your friends to have parties. People will start to avoid you or ignore your calls. If one of your recruits does better than you, you lose that entire "leg" of your business.

If you're truly looking to help others become healthier with true monthly RESIDUAL income, look at a company called Melaleuca. They are not MLM, are accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating and have been in business for over 30 years.


Its a MLM, not a pyramid scheme but most will still lose money chasing the dream. Melaleuca is the only legit company I have seen that truly delivers what it promises, real residual income. But it is not a MLM


It's interesting the company founders started in Michigan and now live in Florida. Michigan also is the state where Amway had its beginning.

It works seems to follow the same pattern. The pattern is to sign up other people under you to sell product. That way you would obtain credit for part of their sales. So the more Distributors you sign up the more wealthy your upline gets.

Some view this as a pyramid.

I was wondering if there Founders had had been involved in Amway. Something for anyone interested in pursuing to investigate on their own.


Hi there in St Petersburg! I am an Independent Distributor with It Works Global.

I had some concerns when I was deciding to join this amazing company. I did my research and I am so happy I joined. We are in no way a pyramid scheme. It Works is an MLM and we as Distributors market the products vs advertising on tv or radio.

Our products are amazing and I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people. I am part of an excellent team with top money earners in the business!

If you have any questions and are not quite sure where to reach out please don't hesitate to give me a jingle. 586-935-2627

Have a beautiful day


Hello there! I am a distributor for It works global, and let me assure you this is not a pyramid scheme.

It is set up just like any other company might be - when you grow your business with more customers and more "employees", your income and success grow too! Its set up that any distributors that join your team, you make a small percentage off their sales. A pyramid scheme does not even have a product or service to offer. But we have 40+ products and lots of customers :) I think the biggest scam is corporate America.

You never make the money you deserve, and the chance you have at becoming the CEO? Slim to none. With It Works, you can be whatever you desire and make whatever you desire too. I say go for it!

Feel free to reach out to me at 425-518-3886 with questions. text or call :) wish you the best

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