Amazing how u are judging so many people and calling them lazy. I'm sure the company is proud to have u representing them.

I suggest you look in the mirror before u call others idiots. Your post was completely unnecessary and there is no way in this world I would do business with someone like you. I was looking into trying this product but it will not happen now just because they must not care what type of people are distributors if they allow people like you to represent them.

Maybe u should get off your lazy *** and get a real job and then maybe you would not be so defensive against everyone else. Or instead of getting a job, go back to school and take an English class.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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So there is a convention in town and they all had green on lined up Down platt street waiting to get into the convention center. We'll probably 5 percent of them were in shape.

It clearly doesn't work because if it did wouldn't the distributor use it themselves? They all seemed to be the type of person you were responding too. But that's who they want, jobless stay at home moms with no skills and nothing but time to lie and hawk this trash on social media and to their friends.

And to that dumb *** woman. Your products can be 80 percent off, who cares if they are total ***?


My sentiments exactly!

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