The wraps may have some questionable ingredients, but the rest of their products are healthy enough. You shouldn't even use the tired cliché "pyramid scheme" without even understanding what that really is.

Just about every business could be classified as such. Even the U.S. Govt. and it's tax code could be classified as such.

I know some good people in the company, have researched and used their products and, like any good MLM, hard work pays off. Most people quit because they want an instant payoff and are lazy with no work ethic, not because it doesn't work.

I know someone personally who went from being invicted from their apartment because they were broke, to making a high 6 figure income and have brought many people out of debt with them along the way. Please take your hate and scepticism somewhere else.

Location: Dewitt, Michigan

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Sorry, people do not get "invicted"...try the word evicted. I had to try several times to get past autocorrect with the word "invicted".

Hopefully you are not a distributor... entrepreneurs that can not properly spell or use punctuation properly will not go far in life.


And I know someone who won over $1 million in lottery. It happens.

But the fact this couple did doesn't mean it's at all likely you (or any particular person) will win the lottery. Same is true of the handful of people who make it big in MLM.



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