Liessss! They say work at your own pace.

Be your own boss. Enjoy staying at home with your children. None of it is true. The rude behind your back comments from the people pressuring you to make money for them is ridiculous.

They do not tell you about the fees that come along with the 99 dolalr starting fee.

I could go on and on. I feel horrible for anyone who gets talked into selling this life sucking waste of money.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Store Location: Cortland, New York

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Sounds like you got stuck with a bad team! Im sorry to hear that .

I've been with itworks for not even a month and im already commission qualified and i also have got 120$ to spend on Products and my team is awesome ! Nobody is pushy and they just motivate . It is something you want to do when you want to succeed with a team . It's not avon or Mary k .

Working on your own pace is fine but it will be not so beneficial if you don't work for it !!


That's a fake picture, On the website it does tell you there's a fee. Also you sell all the products you buy from the 90 dollars and make profit.


what is the website?

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