I had a severe allergic reaction from the protein bars, it had soy and I'm allergic to soy. Also the fat blockers has caffeine and garcinia cambogia which causes my heart to race.

I called to cancel order and they kept me holding waiting for supervisor for 1hr.37 min.never came back to phone. I've never experienced such unprofessional people. Don't waste ur time or money with this company. They are not honest respectful distributors.

They haven't even returned my call.

Save ur money don't buy anything from this company. They don't respect ur health.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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You can submit a DR note for your allergies and request a refund. My question is why didn't you look at the ingredients before you are them?


I'm sorry I read this thinking to myself, "Why don't you read product ingredients if you have allergies?"


My cousin sells it and doesn't even know the ingredients. Reps are not trained and do not warn of side effects to customers.

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