As soon as a friend of mine started selling ITWORKS I was excited and wanted to try it myself and "maybe" consider selling it myself.

So they had this "special" 4 wraps and 4 defining gels and a "extra" 4 wraps. So I saved my $114.00 to order my business kit.

The kits were on backorder, but they never sent a email stating that they would be late. Once it said sent, I was so excited. But after a week it still wasnt there, so I tracked it, low and behold it hadnt been sent yet. Still NO email from them stating to why it still hadnt been sent. Finally it arrived I was sooo happy.. I opened it up and there was no defining gel. They were on back order, but I hadnt recieved ANY word that they were back ordered and that I wasnt going to get them.

So I talked to the person above me she said send in a ticket to Customer service. Which I did. Explained everything to them how there was no contact from them on why my order was LATE and that I would not be recieving my FULL start up business kit, that I had already paid for.

After 2 days I recieved a reply to my "complaint" and all it said sorry you were not satified with our customer service and here is a $20 product order credit.

Wait.. What?? So I emailed them and said sorry but I do not want the credit I want my defining gel. You can not buy ANYthing FROM THEM FOR $20, so I would have to spend MORE money to get the defining gel and tax and shipping.. I told them no, that is not good enough.. You want me to sell your product but so far you (ITWORKS) havent fullfilled your obligation to me yet, and you want me to spend MORE money to get what I already paid for.

Again 2 days later I get a reply. Sorry those 4 defining gels only coming in our business starting kits. But I didnt get mine, thats the problem. How hard can it be to call the production line that puts the kits together and say "Hey send me up 4 definning gels and drop them into the post?? I guess it takes a act of GOD to do that.

So several "tickets and replies" were exchanged. Still very rude and not touching the subject of how "customer service" should be handled. Ive worked in every aspect of retail, so believe me when I say I know what customer service means. OBVIOUSLY ITWORKS does not, nor do they care to.. I even talked to the person above the lady I bought it from, she actually had the guts to tell me "you got 4 extra wraps in your kit you should be grateful for that" talk about rude!!! I said right there and then, I will let EVERYONE know that I can, about how well ITWORKS treat their distrubitors.

I called today to cancel my distributors ID. The wonderful Customer Service lady I talked to, read all the "tickets" and the messages "Cara" sent me and she said no wonder you dont want to continue. I would to if I was in your possition. She said she would send everything to the correct people and hopefully something will be done.

Cant even send my kit back, because I have to pay to send it back and who knows when or if Id get my money back..

Anyone thinking about selling for this company, or even wanting to use their products. Do your research.. I have all the copies of the "tickets and replies" I wont add it to this, but if anyone wants to see them, just let me know..

Supposely this is a Christian based business, if this is how they treat their people, Id be leary of what religon they were.

My honest opinion.. I have NOT talked to, nor seen anyone that has used it and seen any difference..all I have seen is the same pictures over and over and over of the same people, but just a different name selling it..

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Several issues: poor customer service, odering processing, pricing, replacing missing items.

Monetary Loss: $114.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: Take your money but do not fullfill their commitment.

Location: Springfield, Missouri

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99$ Business builder kit subject to change at any time as stated right in company policy which you electronically sign your name stating you read it. Which face it we all know you didn't.

Plus when you're in the site when you go into the product to see what's in it, it states subject to change.

Now let's break it down-

Box of four wraps priced at 99$ retail wow wait the wraps alone are the price of the kit, but since you're now going to sell it you get member pricing of 59$ so that's 40$ less then then the business builder kit. Then you're going to top it with a second box of wraps. That put us at 198$ retail but again since you're selling you're getting they member pricing so that 118$ worth of product right there... which is above the 99$ cost you were given to start this up.

Oh now let's continue on top of that 118$ worth of product you're getting, Itworks is going to a whole month free for your eSuite so you don't have to worry about paying 20$ to have your own website for a whole month.

Before you complain about that 20$ fee let me just also point out a professional reputable website can run from 60$-200$. Yes you're asked to pay 20$ a month for yours and the first month is free. So now we're at 139$ in your kit not at retail price.

Not as impressive you get a bracelet those are what 5$ a pop but it's in there so 144$. Half a roll of fab wrap 2.50$ brings us to 146.50$....

how much did you pay on this kit again? oh yeah 99$

Plus you get your country specific business materials (flyer, catalogs, coupons.) Prices vary on these so for argument sake say it's probably 30-50$ worth of paper work. Going low end were are now at 176.50$. Oh and lets not forget it makes you commission qualified even though it's not an 80bv autoshipment nor does it put you at 150 pbv for the month.

So there's another 80$ value in your kit so where we at 256.50$ and we haven't even touched the defining gel yet. So lets break down the defining gel now so a 6 fl oz bottle is 45$. The kit when they are in stock comes with 4 half oz tubes, so that's 2 fl oz. Based on the above facts 1 fl oz is 7.50$ so the price of the defining gel you received?

15$ which is 5$ less then the credit the gave to you that they did not have to offer due to the clear terms stating SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME. Lets recap you spent 99$ - 20$ regardless of if you spent it, it was still given to you. So that's 70$ on a kit that if you paid the member value of was 256.50$. To any one out there considering this company, it is a good company, but you have to read, you have to educate yourself.

Anyone and I mean anyone can pay 99$ and call themselves a distributor they are their own individual businesses running it their way. Do not assume the seller you're talking to knows what he/she is doing. READ, READ, READ. As for customer service, they are people otherwise unconnected to the company, that are sitting somewhere taking thousands of calls every day some friendly, some not.

It is my experience that the personality you give them, is the personality they give you. Like us good distributors out there the customer service have rules they have to go by. They have to read the rules and so do you.

If you educate yourself and learn how to use the products properly you won't be disappoint, unless of course your body has an underlying issue then no product from any company that isn't from your doctor will help. Also in reference to the Christian comments, just because a company is Christian based does not mean the workers are all Christians, as I stated anyone can pay 99$ to become a distributor.


I hate to see all the negative comments about the products and business, I just became a distributor, now I'm really nervous :(


Anyone wanting to sell this ***... DON'T DO IT!!!!

You'll be loosing your money and any friends you try to sell this *** to. Do your research, after I put my complaint in, 49 others did also..



I have yet to be contacted by the company to resolve this issue.. I wonder if I file a complaint to the BBC if that will get through to ITWORKS.

I've read so many compliments an just a few customers are happy with this company. Something needs to be done , to make ITWORKS be held responsible for their products and for the sellers that doesn't inform you of things, nor let you read what your signing up for.


It really bums me out to see these negative reviews. I was a skeptic as I'm sure most are with anything new.

I absolutely fell in love! I've lost over 50 lbs and look and feel healthier than ever!!

Sometimes things go on back order because a lot of things are actually grown by it works themselves. If something sells out they are not going to lower the quality or potency of their products because they ran out.

ALWAYS! If something is going to be on back order it will say it right next to the product you are ordering. They will not oversell then tell you after you ordered something that it will be on back order. With the mini defining gels they ran out but had wraps and wanted to get kits out asap.

It clearly states in the policy's and procedures that promotional price packages are only while supplies last technically it works did not have to credit anyone $20 but they did it as a courtesy. They can not just "walk down stairs and grab it" when it was still being grown.

It sounds like Cara didn't do her job and was not very nice. That shouldn't represent the company as a whole though.

Have u ever had a coworker that was mean and nasty? Does that mean the company is a bad company?

This company has Changed my life and my family's life and I get personally offended when people attack it when they were either misinformed or misrepresented. Integrity to this company is a huge part, maybe it works is not for cara....

we don't claim to be for everyone it's unrealistic. There are good people and bad people in this world, no matter what company.


You must. Work for them writeing all that


I am interested in anything you can share to help me in my considerations of selling this product. Please email me if you can


Thank You,


Sorry anonymous but I won't help someone sell anything from ITWORKS. They have yet to try to resolve the issues I had with them.

So they are a company I want nothing to do with, nor endorse.

Sorry again.


I can show u my before and afters and explain what it's done for me...


Why is is it that all of the multi level companies that I have dealt with have a christian faith base?

Maybe because they figure religious people are likely to believe any *** they are told.

Either way I had that issue with Amway years ago, BeachBody more recently and friends always trying to get me into It Works.

NO Thank you


I was thinking this company was exactly like Amway too. Both companies are total scams.

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