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I was a loyal member at ItWorksGlobal, the company that sells body wraps and similar items.I had an automatic shipment set up to send my products weekly.

One month I order a shipment which was over $400. The following month I updated it, however, the faulty website did not accept the update against my knowledge and resent the over $400 shipment. I called the company about this issue and was suggest to "return the item to.. XX address".

I did just that. Again, this was in June. I have called multiple times regarding my refund, and was continuously recommended to wait, that it may take longer to process. After months of waiting, I called once again.

I was told the return was never received and they would not issue me a refund without it. I did not receive a tracking number from USPS, however, put my return address on the package. I was never told that I needed a tracking number, so I just sent it through regular mail at USPS. If the package was not received, I would assume it would have been returned to sender, me.

I have multiple calls and emails in to the company, as does my salesperson. I just spoke with the manager and was once again told "Sorry, no items, no refund." I am now out $400 and the company, ItWorksGlobal shows no sympathy. This was the most horrendous customer service I have EVER experienced. I was spoken to in a condescending tone and repeatedly told, it other words "too bad".

I was made into a liar that I did not return the product, and that it was my own fault for not receiving a tracking number. With documentation on my excessive phone calls, zero responsibility is being taken for them not telling me it is essential to get a tracking number, or that there warehouse may have misplaced my return package. Again, this is over $400 in products.

This is a lot of money that this company has of mine and I am told "oh well nothing we can do." I strongly recommend steering clear of this company, beside the fact that the products do not even work.Horrendous customer service and terrible product.

Review about: It Works Body Wrap.

Monetary Loss: $400.


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I want my money returned to me to I tried to send a message and it says failed if this company is so good then if someone wants there money back they should give it to them I have a tracking number and my package was received July 31st at 1:03pm signed by aiii now where is my money my email is. venetiaburroughs@rocketmail.com my phone number is 7605804049 now please return my money in my account it works ASAP thank you venetiaburroughs


this makes me angry.....


All the information is provided and given upon signing up and repeated all throughout the system, from the employees/customer service representatives/distributors, in your emails whether it be junk and spam and they even have a ticketting system so if you need help or need something done they actually do it FOR YOU without you lifting anything else but a finger to touch a key and type it.Each time a order is placed, a prompt is given.

Sometimes I request an order to be placed but because I didn't give 'permission' or quote 'charge my card' they refused to do it and tell me to give them permission. They even tell you if you are allergic to anything ordered and you ticket or call them to mention or see what can be done to help, they confirm that they may not be able to refund you because you opened and USED it to find out, but they log it and report it to notify other customers who have similar allergies by detailing ingredient information on each printed label that is placed on a product and they have a customized site to give customers and products users the opportunity to know thoroughly how to use each product and a machine that reads it for you if you do not want to read!! ItWorks! does so much for a business and it's crazy how there are people like you who give negative reviews.

You seem like another irate customer who is just complaining because you simply did not read a SINGLE thing and just wanted to spend YOUR OWN money. You should be more responsible about where you put YOUR INFORMATION and learn to read more because this detours others from a wonderful experience due to false information and misinterpretation. And I've only been a customer for 2 years.. there are Distributors who have been with the company and transitioned from being a Retail or Loyal Customer themselves.

That goes to show that it is not a scam. If you can afford to purchase their products or use their products, great, if not, that's not their fault. And if you fail to follow instructions when there is so much access to find all the information you need online, through their customer service line or the fact that there is someone personally assigned to you, for you to call or text at any time aka a Distributor that personally greeted you for you to have known about a thing or contacted you if you signed up online without knowing a Distributor because they also send a highly-qualified Distributor to call you if your number was provided or email you if you gave your email address on their sight and just simply wanted to ask a few questions about how to sign up. You did not put any effort.

Impossible.Just unbelievable.


I but prepaid cards and put whatever money i need to on it to make online orders for anything!!There is no way i would give my bank card or credit card numbers to anyone or make online purchases with them...

hope this helps with any online purchases y'all make in the future...if i dont put the money on the card there's nothing for anyone to take!


As I read these bad reviews, one thing stands out to me.Not one person read the fine print.

If you had all the info before you tear into a CS agent, your time might have been better.

I have not had one issue with It Works or its products.Then again, I always read everything before I put my name to it.

to Anonymous #1192474

Exactly. That's what bugged me too

Phenix City, Alabama, United States #999521

For someone who is so adamant about hating the company, why the *** did you get 400 dollars worth of product? Sounds fake to me.

to sarah #1000101

Um, no ***.Not fake.

I had a demonstration, which we were convinced to order a ton of products. It was based on the INITIAL order that I placed, which was put on AUTOSHIPMENT! I did NOT want a second order of the horrendous product that we were conned into buying, but we fell for. So that is my mistake.

But they never canceled my auto shipment when I requested it to be canceled, so they told me to just return the items. Keep your ridiculous comments to yourself when you do not have a clue what you're talking about. IT WORKS does not work. IT WORKS sucks and robbed me.

I'm adamant about it and will continue to despise a poor company with horrendous customer service.BYE!

to Anonymous #1060569

As a distributor you should have known where in the esuite to go and how to do it.And your initial purchase as a distributor can not be autoshipped.

When you sign up its the ONLY time you can get the booster packs.

And no, you didn't have to buy it.Theven 99 dollars was all you were required so don't go making a company sound terrible because you were too dumb to figure it out.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #996050

Usps loses *** all the time, which sucks.I'm a seller on ebay.

A tracking number helps you as the sender know the truth, did they get it or not.

It is never for them, tracking for you!Expensive lesson to learn for ypu, fortunately mine was learned at a much cheaper rate.

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