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I need my money refunded

I, along with others it seems, have had issues with this company.I was never informed of being signed up as a loyal customer and so I have been charged every month for something I did not want.

I was told it would be taken care of because it has caused my to go overdrawn into my bank twice now.It was not taken care of and yet again, I was charged and went overdrawn.


Need my money back!!!

I have the same issue, I have tried updating my account to cancel auto shipment several times before auto shipment and tried calling the number listed and can't get anyone (just a recording). I didn't receive anything (reminder) until today - I received email stating they were taking out a payment.


Why in the world was I charged $20 on my account? I have already cancelled my it works altogether, but I feel like I should get credited back the $20 for something I know nothing about. This is my second email to y'all.


Where can i get my refund

My card was billed with out knowledge or consent. I need my money back on my card ASAP Thank you.


I need my order stopped and my money refunded


I cant find how to create a username and password


You choose your password while enrolling your Loyal Customer/Distributor account. Your username is automatically set to be the same as your account number/customer ID number, but you can change it after your account is created.


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