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Since my sister who lives with me is already a customer, apparently I will not receive the same benefits if I sign up as a customer since we have the same address. Therefore why would I even want this product? When I’m not treated the same as my sister and we would both pay the same dollar amount.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you sign up as a CUSTOMER, you will get all the same benefits as her even if you live at the same address. The only time you lose out on anything by having multiple people at the same address is if you're enrolling as a DISTRIBUTOR, and even then the only downside is that any customers (NOT DISTRIBUTORS) living at the same address don't count toward your Distributor bonuses.They do this in order to prevent Distributors from doing things like creating accounts for nonexistent people (or for family members who don't intend to ever use the product) just to get extra product to sell and qualify for more bonuses and commissions. I recall one woman who enrolled multiple customer accounts for her PETS just to boost her commission check each month.Again, if you are enrolling as a CUSTOMER, you will get all the same benefits as your sister.

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