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It is imperative that customers credit/debit card information is not unknowingly stored in IT Works system without their consent.It is an infringement of the consumers rights and it leaves zero flexibility if the customers personal circumstances change and they need to terminate the 3 month challenge.Also it means that the representative controls the ordering of items not the customer which potentially compromises existing utility bills which need to be paid.

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I initially ordered a exfoliating peel from IT Works last November.I wasnot aware that there was a £50 cancellation fee. That my debit card details would be stored in my loyal customer portal without my consent also my IP address.Also that I had entered into a 3 month challenge agreement.The item ordered was much smaller than expected.And by the time it arrived it cost £47.90.I think potential customers need a detailed debriefing before entering into a 3 month comittment with IT Works.I donot believe it is fair for customers personal debit card details to be stored on IT Works system without their knowledge.It is imperative that information is clearly conveyed to the customer to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Sheffield, England

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At all times it's a two way process meaning that both the sales representative also the buyer have options. The sales rep always has the option to sell a product to other potential customers.And the potential buyer has a right to mull over a decision before proceeding to buy a product or not.Change their mind or cancel a subscription if their personal circumstances change or no longer require the item.I don't think they should be faced with a fifty pounds fee if they cancel before the three month challenge.Especially if they wasnot aware that their initial order was placed on an automatic auto shipment payment system for three months in the first place.

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