The company has literally grown so rapidly in the past two years, that there are a lot of poorly trained Distributors as a result. Each individual is ultimately responsible for learning their business and marketing appropriately; however, customers are equally responsible for knowing what they are buying.

The $50 membership fee is waived with three consecutive autoshipments. This means the DT signing you (putting your information into their downline system) should be telling you what you are getting, your first order is just that. Then you go to three consecutive months of any product of your choosing to receive, knowing that will be automatically withdrawn from the card you put on file. You are able to switch products each month, but it is up to you to login to your account or contact your enrolling DT to make any changes.

What most DT's should also tell loyal customers is that at four months, free shipping kicks in. At 6 months, 50 reward points to use ($50).... And at a year of being enrolled and accepting 12 consecutive autoshipments, 150 reward points ($150) to use to purchase products.

I know about shady, *** up lines because my on is exactly that way. Raids people's friends lists, doesn't fully disclose information and it just makes the rest of us look bad.

Sorry your experience has been less than impressive, the products do work and the company itself is great. Just a few bad apples get in and spoil it for others.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Norcross, Georgia

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Yes it is when the person that signed you up just had you give her all your information and she signs you up without telling you that it is a auto shipment and you will be charged full price every month for 3 months and if don't cancel you will still keep getting charged even if you never receive the product.


EXACTLY! Well said!


People need to real the legal disclose like I just did and it clearly states a 50 dollar cancellation along with all the other fine print. You people are adults so read the contracts you enter instead of playing the victim.


That is totally true. Maybe somebody did not inform them of the $50 cancellation fee.

And I find it very hard to believe that nobody told them that if they're getting the discounted rate that they're going to be on a three month AutoShip. Nonetheless you get an email the minute you sign up telling you all of that information. And then you get another email before your next order ships. Read the fine lines .

The company has given every distributor the same training. All of the information on how the products work and what the customers yet, but the compensation plan is, everything is in their back office.

It's at the discretion of the distributor to know their job.


My friend never mentioned the auto shipments. She just told me how great everything was and sent me a link.

It may be hard for you to believe but that's a fact. She's has never mentioned it to anybody on social media.

Good thing I research before I buy ***. Plus I seen a poorly photoshopped "results photo" of the leg wraps and that told me what I needed to know.


The company is absolutely responsible for it's distributors. If a distributor is "poorly trained" who's fault is that?

It's the companies! If a distributor gives someone false information, and is a bad apply like you say, the company should do the right thing. But this company doesn't.

That is evident by the bad costumer service. This company has no ethics, and the word is getting out.


It's all fine that you get all of these rewards for staying with this company to get free stuff after a few months. Unfortunately the stuff doesn't work and they copy what other companies already sell and put their name on it.

Nothing proven to work for losing weight. Can't find any research on their products.

It's like a cult of brainwashed mostly women who want to be stay at homes Mom's. Sorry they sell nothing that works...scam


Sounds like more Amway type MLM *** Ugghhh!!!


The company is responsible for the quality of its distributors. The customers are not. A bad distributor will ultimately become YOUR problem as word gets out that people are having a hard time dealing with the company.


I just rec'd an email that said: Your future auto-shipments have been cancelled (sic) at your request.

wth ?!??

I did not cancel anything. Ever.

I returned an incorrect shipment (at MY expense) after being unable to stop the incorrect order bc it had "posted" (though wasn't yet being processed). The one that they didn't even ship for EIGHT freaking days....but I called too late to cancel it.

I still haven't been refunded. Instead I got this email.

Their products aren't worth the aggravation.


sounds like you work for them. Of course you're going to give a favorable review. The products may work, but the customer service people (in Georgia) are idiots.

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