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I was fortunate to have a friend I trust sell me the products. I asked so many questions though and what the catch was. Told her flat out I would call her out if I got scammed. I didn't.

Now about the product. I purchased hair skin and nail pills, 90 day trial. Let me tell you....What a joke. I already have healthy hair and my nails were healthy just not growing. Not even 90 days and this is what I've noticed.... Oiler scalp and more breakage in my hair. I've cleaned out my hair brush more the past 7 weeks, it's ridiculous. No changes at all in my skin. Same dry skin, age spots, wrinkles, blotches. What exactly is this pill suppose to do for your skin....? Nothing. Now my nails. My nails did start to grow faster, yes. But not stronger. I broke every nail because they grew so fast and thin that they were just that brittle. And I have dents in my nail now. Never had them before the pill, but now my index fingers and especially my thumbs have big divets in them.

Over all, not happy. Not worth the $100 I had to pay after shopping and handling. Not confident enough to try any other products either. It's a gimmick.

My roommate sold It Works for a while. She had to shell out hundreds of dollars to get started and when her clients weren't seeing the results that she promised them, they stopped buying. Leaving her with mounds of inventory and empty pockets. I watched her do wrap, after wrap, after wrap.... And she swore she was losing inches off her waist because she fit a pair of old jeans.... But the jeans only fit for a day. I watched her use the stretch mark cream when she was pregnant.... Sure you don't see many stretch marks at first but once the baby weight came off, she was covered with them. Said she didn't apply it enough. Watched her again use the eye cream or dark spot cream whatever it is. I'm not going to hurt my friend's feelings but even using the product and her normal layers of make up.... She had baggage under her eyes like she was an airport luggage carousel.

Rant over. Products do not work. Company's morals are questionable. No longer well do business with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A prior customer want to do a class action lawsuit. About her hair falling out too.

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