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All i need is to CANCEL everything and stop the auto shipments i can't afford it anymore.

I wish someone would get in touch so i can get taken care of.

Preferred solution: Cancellation of orders .

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Cancel your card number call your bank. I would never do business again with them.

They are liars. They lie about everything. I doubt they are doing as good as they say. The federal commission should investigate them for their sales claims and saying people can get the hand sanitizer for free but not realizing you have to buy A product to get it for $9.99 and I doubt they are up 60% that they just claimed.

I have never seen so many people wanting to cancel their orders. They just want to put on a show that business is great but yet reps are posting about depression and “storms” and I seen three people quit that I personally follow in the past two weeks that were triples and doubles.

Even these girls can see through the companies lies and target vulnerable people by telling them to sign up with their stimulus checks. They are disgusting.

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