I became a customer of It Works in 2015 when a niece was selling the product. Then, for mainly financial reasons, i quit purchasing.

Recently, my daughter started selling so I decided to help her out. When I went onto the web site, I could not create a profile due to my existing profile from 2015. Thinking this is convenient, I changed my address and contact information and ordered product from my daughters site. It Works sent it to my old address.

When I called, they rerouted the product but gave credit of the order to my niece and then another girl, neither of which are active distributors. It Works insists I must return the product (for a full refund minus the shipping!) then create a new profile so future orders will be credited to my daughter as a distributor. I believe, in this day and age, It Works has the technological ability to give my daughter credit without my having to return the product for a partial refund. The company denies this ability.

I am returning the product as requested and will reorder. However, I will not order It Works products again once my daughter quits selling the products.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

It Works Pros: Distributors.

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