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I tried the Keto Coffee and it tasted like generic coffee. You can make your own at home which will probably taste 100% better.

It was very clumpy and felt pieces in my throat. It says it helps fight cravings, well, I was starving more than ever after I drank it and my stomach was cramping up that night I tried it. I had my boyfriend try it without telling him the name of the company and he hated it. He literally spitted it out and said “ gross”.

Bottom line, save your money and make your own. Also, I hate how they are talking about recent sales of their “Keto energy” which was most likely their distributors who made that much in sales not actual customers buying.

They are scammers and trying to make it seem like it is this hot new product when in reality, probably their distributors bringing in the sales. You can find so much of your money worth if you search for other direct selling companies who sell Keto.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Keto Coffee Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: 5325 FL-64, Bradenton, FL 34208, USA

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I haven't tried the keto coffee cause I was already burned by all of their products from before.I fell victim to becoming a distributor because my "friend" was "trying to help me out." She said she was making thousands a month barely even lifting a finger but it wasn't a great thing at all for me. I gave away samples to anyone who seemed interested, made cute little business cards, and rented a booth at my busy gym in Las Vegas at two locations and only lost money.

I even had it plastered all over my car! Embarrassing when i look back and really sad to remove. :(I was later told by my "friend" that the best way to make money was to recruit other sellers which I didn't want to do. I also found out through her sister and teenage daughter that she wasn't making any profits.

It was mostly a lie to sign me up. What a great friend!I was sold the body wraps as a way to lose belly fat while not having to work out which apparently wasn't true.

That "crazy wrap thing" didn't tighten my skin either and, after looking back, doesn't even really make any sense. Some of the products were OK but i wouldn't bother and especially wouldn't advise anyone to become a seller.

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