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Hi my name is Erin Yarbrough. I am doing a dispute on Skyla Foster, a distributor for ItWorks.

I placed an order with her on April 26 2016, for two products, Thermofit and fat fighters. she told me that she had sent my package out and I never received it. I got in contact with her through Facebook which was my only way to contact her, and she informed me that she didn't know what happened to the package that her husband had sent it out and maybe something happened. she told me that she would send out a new package the next day and put a tracking number on it.

on June 14th she told me that my package was estimated to arrive at my house that Friday by 4 p.m. it has been 10 days after and I still have never received the package I have tried to contact her and have got no answer. I was charged $62 to my account and never received the package and would like my money replaced. attached to this review are screenshots between Skyla and I conversation.

My claim number is 2818944. My reference number is 2811313785

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You do know this is just a review site and not It Works, right?


Im sorry that you had such a bad experience with ItWorks! Unfortunately, I don't believe she was really with the company.

When signing you up as a customer she should have put down YOUR address. Ive never heard of a distributor sending the products themselves unless its a wrap.

Also, the billing address and shipping address are not allowed to be different. Sounds like she robbed you and that should be taken up with the police!!


OMG! I'm sorry that had happened.

But at checkout the customers card info has to match billing/mailing address.

Therefore your package should have come directly to your residence. I can't get your money back but I'd be more than happy to give you great customer service and make sure your products get to you directly.


Don't buy these products from ANYONE! They're a scam, you can buy higher quality, lead free products at your local drugstore.

...much cheaper at that! All the yrs IT WORKS has been in business they are NOT members of the BBB, in fact they won't even work with the BBB to resolve the issues.

...they have NO patents, not 1, and they have literally Thousands of unresolved complaints! Stay Away


If you can, please edit the texts you sent- they contain sensitive information. (Your address.) I don't know if you realized, but it's never too late to block out that bit and reupload

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