I am not a customer BUT I worked with someone in ItWorks on an outside project, and learned that like most of these scams it's all about collecting money from thousands of people who are all going to sell this great product (mostly in the same area) and get "rich." Roughly 1 out of 1,000 actually makes any money. How many sales people do you need on what is basically a single, unproven, product? And there is no barrier to entry. Anyone can be a salesperson (actually any white conservative - but that's another story). The money is made by these so-called millionaires because they buy from each other and Mark Petacost (sp?) the head of the whole thing, pumps more money into the business by (instead of doing promotion) providing money to a few key people who then go out and sell to each other making it look like they sell tons of the product.

It just so happens that two of the biggest, supposedly richest, sales people in ItWorks are his daughter and her brother. Ssssh, they don't want anyone to know that. His daughter goes out promoting, all over YouTube, the fact that she and her husband were struggling to make a living and just so happened to find ItWorks, they worked hard and made a fortune, so hey claim. What she neglects to tell people is that DADDY has run these type of businesses (which just so happened to dissappear)  for years and is a multi-millionaire who OWNS THE COMPANY. ItWorks has thousands of dissatisfied people who want their money back but can't get through to them. I hope all of the people who've been swindled initiate a class action lawsuit.

Location: South Salem, New York

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Actually the person you're talking about is NOT his daughter and the Top earner of the company is NOT part of his family. You should probably do better research before you find yourself in a liable suit.

The one's who are top earners are there because they work hard and most of them have been there from the beginning.

So, no, DADDY didn't do anything but teach his kids how to work hard.

Being an It Works distributor is no different from any other position.

If you work hard, you'll earn more. You get what you put into it.


Actually as someone who has worked the customer service side of it works I can 100% confirm that his children are the top earners for his company. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you comment on someone who has legitamite problem with a legitmate scam.


I hate it when they write in their posts, "aren't you tired of making someone else rich" when in reality, you are joining their team to make them richer so where is the difference!? How about they say, "quit your job to make my paychecks fatter and not someone else's" and I bet a lot of people who promoted to ambassador or presidential did so by selling fraudulently.

It is also *** they claim to make 5k or 20k but their houses or lifestyle don't make it seem that way and they have to cross out their paychecks but will show that $299.00 bonus check that they made. So so so ***


As for your comments, you do make others rich when you're working for a set amount an hour. With It Works or any legitimate networking company, you can write your own check.

Will the person above you make more because of you? Yes, but the same would be said for the person who would be under you.

They work, you work...we all work...everyone succeeds. Most people aren't willing to put in the time and effort and then accuse companies of being a scam or not working.

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