La Porte, Texas
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So what you should know is:

• My products were always 1-2 weeks late because they ship slow. So if you need to take it, don't count on it being there for you.

• They do NOT respond to complaints at all. Don't bother trying, they are cowards.

• Their products are WAY overpriced. You can get better stuff on that will cost much less and arrive quickly.

• To cancel your auto-ship they charge you $50 if you didn't stay on for the 3 months.

• It's a pyramid. If you sell their product you have to recruit other sellers under you to make money.

• Save your money.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

It Works Cons: Deception, How they have control over your money, Poor customer service, Shipping not on time, Dont respond to complaints.

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#1 Their products are usually on backorder due to their popularity

#2 Amazon is not that dependable, you don't know exactly who you are buying from, what you are buying, they ship the wrong items all the time - cheap is not always best

#3 At the time of sign up it clearly states you are siging up for 3 months of autoship & that there is a cancellation fee

#4 You recruit others to increase your income just like with Mary Kay, Avon, Younique and every other home based business

#5 I have watched a family member use the wraps and Fat Burner for the last 3 months and I am sold. This woman does NO excercising at all and there is ahighly noticeable difference in her stomach.; the skin has tightened & firmed and her stretch marks are almost invisible.

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