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So i juzt tried the cleanse by itworks, and it doesnt WORK! The drink its self tasted like sour burnt plastic.

I managed to drink all 4 vottles between the 2 consecutive days. It says you will drop between 2 and 10 lbs... Well i gained 2 and had no significant movements if you know what I'm saying last night i drank my last bottle and woke up this a.m. extremely constipated.

Tmi I know but I just wanted to be honest. I feel like i just blew 40 bucks on some snake oil.

Buyer beware! Itworks...doesn't work.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cleanse Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You must not have been drinking water along with it. I have taken them and lost 4 lbs first time and 7 the 2nd time.

But I didnt eat about of carbs and drank my water. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.


@ everyone saying your cleanse is expired. It is sent with the manufacturing date on it not the expiration date!!


So what’s the expiration date? For how long are they good after the manufacture date?


I had the same thing happen and my product was expired


I used the cleanse twice and both times I lost 4 lbs. It tasted like a citrus pear taste to me...not the greatest and not the worst.

I know it's a detox and requires a lot of water to wash the toxins out.I just found out that they changed/added some of the ingredients.

They made it keto friendly, and added some other stuff, like apple cider vinegar. I'll be ordering it on Friday, can't wait to try it!!


I would agree did not do anything for me either. Wast of money


Sounds like most of you were misinformed or misled by your rep but that doesnt mean the product doesn't work. Although many do lose weight, that is not the MAIN purpose of the cleanse!

It's designed to diminish toxins in your body. I'd be curious to know what you ate, how much water did you drink, see your before & after pics. I would bet you were just sold the product instead of given proper direction on HOW to use it. Same goes with the customer program.

You're given your options at checkout. If you want the discount, you either pay the fee or do 3 months. If that doesn't work for you then pay the retail price. You want to shop at Costco and want the perks they charge you, every year for that matter.

From what i'm reading it just sounds like you all werent explained things properly.

Maybe it was a new distributor. If you ever want to give it another shot shoot me an email donnab32278@yahoo.com


I also was misled by the sales rep. Once they get your debit card they will not allow you to cancel after your first order, If you do they charge you $50. Could not change to another product either.


you can change the product, your not stuck with just that product for the remainder of your shipments, if you don't like it, you can change it before the next month shipment.


You should have called customer service...and the rules should have been explained properly b4 you signed on. The products do work if used properly.

Loyal Customer Program To get a 40% discount... 1. Autoship for 3 months...your a loyal customer for life 2.

Pay a $50 membership fee...your a loyal customer for life 3. Cancel your autoship, get charged the membership fee...still a loyal customer for life And you can change out the product you use each month...if your rep tells you no, call customer service...get what you want and report your rep


I was misled by the sales rep. stuck with 2 more shipments at $39 each for a product that DOES NOT work.


Well, I can tell you what I've been told. My distributor said you can lose anywhere from 2-10lbs.

To me I thought it being a cleanse and all I would start feeling better. Sadly I'm worse. I wont be doing this again. I'll go back to my shakes I make.

Chia seeds does a lot better job than this. I cant deal with the nausea and acid reflux anymore. I normally have bad acid reflux, but this stuff causes it to the point I throw up. I'm so glad to hear it works for some people, but its just not meant for me.

I should have done my research a little better. My boyfriend and I are on bottle 3 (mine is done, his will be when he wakes up).

I just keep telling myself I just have to get through today. The taste is terrible


You didn't lose any weight because the Cleanse isn't a weight loss product. It's meant EXCLUSIVELY to detox your body.Whoever the Distributor was that told you it was for losing weight isn't giving you honest information. And don't try to pin the false advertising on the company themselves, I knew about It Works long before they came out with the Cleanse and it has NEVER said that this product was for weight loss.


Did you drink a lot of water, diet, and exercise? I just want to know if you did it completely right before I turn it down..


I’m with her!! All it says is drink a lot of water witch I did and eat right witch I also did and I gained 4 lbs


My best friend is trying to sell me a single bottle of this for $60. I've read reviews of people vomiting and having migraines and constipation. I guess some people really have no morals


$60 is an absolute rip off for this stuff. The distributor’s price is only $39.

I’d say it works some, but it’s no miracle in a bottle loose ten pounds in two days like they market it to be. I tried selling the stuff for a little while and it’s so spammy and cringeworthy I couldn’t take it. Like the “leads” or whatever they call themselves legit to training videos several times a week to teach you how to better spam people and adding random people that you don’t know from groups all over the us.

But wait, if that stranger you added doesn’t want to buy something after you’ve stalked her for a week or two and commented and liked every single thing she posted on social media, delete her BUT not before you go add atleast 25 other women from her friends list before you unfriend her. Rant over, sorry Wasn’t expecting all of that to come out lol


Some of that is right...some wrong. I don't unfriend anyone.

And I don't do mass messaging. They give training videos to help guide you. The best way to build an online business is thru attraction marketing. It Works isn't wrong...many companies market the same way.

And this is a business. All companies market their products, and talk to strangers. That's what advertisement is all about...being repetitive.

You talk to strangers everyday you go out in public...you just need to decide what side of the counter you want to be on. You will either buy them, or they will buy you.


It didn’t do anything for me either! Maybe little less bloated, but that was it!

And I wasn’t properly informed that I was on an aoto ship for 3 months, so I received another one a month later! Was not happy!


The whole selling point for some distributors is that you don't spend time on the toilet because it works on the upper intestines so you don't just crap out weight. If you want that go buy some laxatives at the drug store.

Also what in the world did you eat to gain weight? Or was it near pms time.

My guess is that you did not follow the dietary instructions about eating clean those days. Poor people want to see results with absolutely no work on their part.

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