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I've got people I care about sucked into this scam. Please, file a complaint with the FTC (federal trade commission) is you are in the U.S.

and were harmed by It Works Global 's unfair business practices. If you were harmed by health claims or had adverse health effects, please also complain to the FDA (food and drug administration).

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I also have family tied up in this scam. Who said anything about reporting them to the FDA? The FTC is who needs to be reporting these criminals that bought themselves a private island off the backs of people who don't know any better.


They are rated at a B+ with the BBB and the products are not reviewed by the FDA, so reporting the to the FDA is a waste of time. It says directly on the website that the claims are based in reviews and studies of the products, results vary, and the products have not been reviewed by the FDA.


The BBB itself is a scam and will give a company a bad rating if they refuse to pay a membership fee with the BBB. I prefer to go by customer reviews .

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