She ordered the wraps today but before the flash sale for the cleanse was announced and thanks for honoring it and adding it to her order!!!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Hello are you interested in more information on It Works products today I'm offering the discount of 40 percent a single product. Contact me today or jump over to my website myraclesmom@It Works.com I love the customer reviews that talk highly of the company and the results. If you aren't interested please feel free to pass my information along


I'm also a distributor dear!!! I was glad they took care of one of my customers quickly and without issue!


Are you seriously trying to sell to this person who posted on a complaint website about this scam pyramid scheme *** joke of a company?!? Geez all you people are vultures!!


Hunter, why do you feel this company is a scam? I know the above person was alittle vulture like, but for me the products work well.

The first 2 weeks I did nothing but eat, sleep and work and lost 8 lbs! And I was even eating poorly! Now that I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months, the greens have nearly eliminated my horrible acid reflux and migraines also! I'm actually energized enough that I exercise more so the scale drops almost daily.

People see my results and come to me, I don't need to fish for people on a daily basis! I spend less money on weightloss products through ItWorks than I did at my local health food store.

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