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Stay away from this COMPANY AND THEY'RE REPRESENTATIVES.. And if you do decide to try it out, DO NOT sign up for the 90 day auto ship.

In the end, you will only lose money and the company doesn't give a *** about whether you liked their product or not. All they care about is getting your MONEY and as much of it as they CAN!!!

I decided to purchase a singular product from my coworker. I wanted to try out the greens on the go. The cost of $60 was a little steep but for a one time trial, I felt it was worth it.

My coworker talked me into the 90 day auto ship so that I could receive the "benefit" of being a "loyal customer". (discount prices for future purchases.) After receiving my first shipment, I tried the greens and did not care for them. My coworker/salesperson told me I could finish out my auto ship by changing my product selection to something less expensive, the body wrap for $7 so that I could save myself the $50 cancellation fee and still come out ahead. Boy did I ever make a huge mistake.

What a scam!!!! They not only charged me for the body wrap but also auto shipped the greens a second time on top of that. When I called to tell them I wanted to send all the products back, they told me they'd have to charge me a $50 "membership" fee because I cancelled before the 90 days was up. Now I am out $148 total and am not even sure my money will be refunded when I send ALL the product back to them.

The rude customer service representative told me it would take them up to 14 days AFTER the product was returned to refund my money. At this point, I'm out $148. Anything I get back on top of that will be a "bonus".....atleast I stopped the bleeding. Thanks ITWORKS!!!

You got me!!!

Mission accomplished!!! Scam artists!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works 90 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $148.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: Dont respond to complaints, Deception, Product.

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This same thing happened to me !! Someone added me on Facebook saying we had mutual friends and got friendly with me then realized I was on keto and told me to order the keto stuff and never mentioned I was signing up for 90 days worth of shipment. Confronted her about it and now she’s blaming it on me


Ashley Hillstrand lured me into it, pretending to be a friend liking posts of fans of deadliest catch and using her exhusbands last name to sign people up. She is fake and a liar, as soon as you sign up and you have a problem getting started she will no longer talk to you. Ashley Hillstrand and people like her are ruining the name of this company.


If you ever decide that you want to try again let me know. I would love to help you.

I really feel that you may have just been misguided. I've discovered myself that there are some that are in it just for the money they don't bother to make relationships with their customers, they don't communicate, they don't follow up, they really put a bad name on the company and our products when they do that. But we're not all like that. Plenty of us genuinely care and we try to build those relationships and friendships.

We try to find what works best for you. And we all we can to stay in touch and follow up with you every step of the way!! Sometimes it's all about your guidance.

Kdrake.myitworks.Com is my personal site if you ever change your mind. I'm really sorry that you had such a negative experience!


I'm sorry that you had such a negative experience! It sounds like whoever you signed under didn't do what they needed to do.

You would have had to go into your autoshipment and removed the greens in order to not be charged for them again. You would have replaced them with the wraps and then just been charged for the wraps. This is something they should have done with you to avoid this issue. They should have also offered different tips in the greens.

If you were doing then with just water I don't blame you for not taking to them! Many people can't take them that way which is why it should have been suggested you mix with a smoothie or in applesauce or with yogurt.. something other than just plain water!! It sounds to me like the negative experience you had could have been diverted if you had been under someone who was fI'll owing up with you and giving you more suggestions and tips on the products.

Our job is to find what works for you because unfortunately not everyone and every body is the same.

I'm sure it would be easier if they were but they arent. I'm sorry you had such a negative experience and imy sorry you didnt have the proper guidance!


That's your own *** fault. You could have logged in and taken the old product off to add the new.


I love reading the posts of their distributors and apologizes who are all smiles and upbeat to get the sale and then cold as ice when you have a problem with their overpriced garbage.

I just watched the YouTube clip of Jan, the "wrapreneur" whose "days are full of fun and friends." I may be succombing to the lure of Greens.

Any one want to hard sell me on them? Anyone?


Some people are not aware of this and if they aren't being guided properly they would have no way of knowing about it much less knowing how to do it. Whoever she signed under could have easily done it with her as well. The point being she's a dissatisfied customer now and that could possibly have been prevented.

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