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I had started the loyalty contract being told that it would ONLY last for three months. I planned those three months to leave extra money in my account so that it wont go negative which worked out fine.

After those three months, I got emails for an extra two months saying that my products will be shipped soon. I never really worried about it because I had extra money and I was still getting discount products while "supposedly" not on my contract. This month, I had no money leftover and once I got my confirmation email I knew I had to go and cancel my order. I was told that everything would be fine after that and I would not get any further charges.

This morning I got a notofication from my bank telling me that my funds were insufficient. Itworks took $43 out of my account causing it to not only be negative, but now my bank is charging me an extra $35 for being negative. Every Itworks phone number I tried to call wouldn't go through, and when I finally reached someone, the man told me that there were no purchases from my account and nothing should be shipping to me. So prerty much what happened is Itworks took $43 from my account and is sending me nothing.

And I guess none of their costumer support numbers work. So thank you, Itworks, I am now negative $80 in my account :)

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I apoligize on behalf of it works distributors. Unfortunately not every distributor is completley honest.

I always trll my potentials about the 3 month autoshipment and after 3 months they can choose to cancel it but you have to go into your account. Its ashame not everyone is forth coming with info.

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