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I'm so angry right now. This is supposed to be a good company, to my surprise, its nothing but a scam.

I originally ordered 1 box and did the subscription for the 1 box. I was told I could order as many boxes as I wanted but only had to pay the "subscription" for the 1 box at 59.00 per month with free shipping. I ordered another box (not under subscription) for a friend to try. When I received my 1st shippment I was missing the extra box I paid for so I called customer service.

The woman had a hard time speaking and understanding english. She kept saying ok, I will send out the box we didnt ship and you will receive your 2 boxes next month with free shipping. I said no, the 2nd box was a 1 time buy for a friend, I only want 1 box to be on the loyality program. After going over and over with her I thought she understood.

I continued to receive my 1 box for July and then August. I opened up my credit card statement today to find not only have I been double charged for 2 months but I've been charged 30.00 for shipping each month as well. (Its supposed to be free shipping with the subscription) After I called customer service they said I asked for my subscription to be 2 boxes a month (I did not) and they would not refund the over charge they would only send me the 2 boxes I did not receive. I dont want 2 extra boxes...

I want a refund for the amount they illegally charged my account for. On top of that they wont even refund the 60.00 in shipping cost I paid for my "free shipping" .... they scam you by double charging you then try to stick you with the product after taking your money. They gave me no resolve.

This is ridiclous!

What a scam!!! Dont get caught up with this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sounds to me like you were misled and that's unfortunate. I had an issue similar to your, and maybe you weren't aware that you were maybe changing the amount you selected to order under your Auto shipment instead of just a regular order. Charging you the $30 was just ridiculuois and should have been refunded


Just an update. My issue still has not been resolved!


Unfortunately, I have just had the same exact experience. This company is a fraud


Did you file a complaint with your credit card company?

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