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Not so much a product review, since I have never used it. And never will.

But an it works consultant has been using my progress pictures off of my instagram on her's to sell her products! As I said, I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER USE/USED IT WORKS.

I would love to know where to make a formal complaint against Jenna Nicole. Her instagran is @getwrappedwithjenn

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Sales Representative.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send an email to with the photo attached and we would be more than happy to look further into this.

It Works! does not allow its Distributors to post pictures that they do not have written consent to use or of those who have not used our product.


They always steal pictures of people who lost weight the hard way and claim it was their dumb wraps. They're liars.

ALWAYS slap your real username across the picture somewhere where those jerks cant crop them out. I called out an old friend I used to work with because she's shoving her It Works garbage down everyone's throat on instagram and facebook. All she ever says is "come do this business with me and make money!" But she couldn't answer me when I called her out for not having the slightest clue about health or weight loss (shes HUGE. Shaped like a stack of phone books.) Telling people to buy her green smoothies then taking pics of her going out to dinner eating junk food.

Its wrong. If you don't care about health, even if the products did really work, you don't care about it you just care about making a buck.

I would respect her way more if she at least cared to learn more about fitness and consuming healthy products. But she's just a bored housewife with no real experience trying to pretend she's running a real business, stealing peoples pictures of weight loss off the internet.

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