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I signed up as a distributor because an acquaintance on social media literally would not stop hounding me. I figured if I just signed up maybe i could make a little without acting like a psycho car salesman shark....they encourage you to post all day everyday with ridiculous stories about how your life is perfect because you joined...bunch of bs.

The women that you see making tons literally have been in for a while before everyone was doing it. I can't say enough bad things about this pyramid scam...I'm embarrassed that i fell for it...bottom line here...JUST SAY NO

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I believe its time a lawsuit is lobbied against the company, I'm looking into filing a lawsuit under the terms of payment. If you are supposed to get 2 loyal customers a month and one distributor you are supposed to get 99 a month and so on and so forth but you never see a dime, ive had my diamond leader quit because the money wasn't adding up either, then they try and say yay you've reached ruby but guess what you only get a 75 dollar checksum where is my 500 and something check that was promised under your payment terms?

They try to talk women I to staying so they can continue to line their pockets with money and say oh just look at it as an investment and dont really explain why the money that is promised under their guidelines isnt there. It's a pyramid scheme end of story the people your under gets a part of your commission which is bumping them up from emerald to diamond and so forth. It really isnt worth it and I'mgoing to be talking to lawyers about it.

I would suggest anyone having the same issues on payment all sign abpetitiok for the courts to appeal and lobby a lawsuit against this company for falsifying information of payments. I dont know the exact terminology but I know its there.


There are people making tons after just this year. Most of the time people come to you unless you think they will be good at it.

You can do this without hounding people and it's not a pyramid if you can surpas your enrollee.

You're just a hater. People obviously won't join if you're negative about the business and the products.


The funny thing is you are probably one of the ones on top dissing people who cant make it because bottom line your paycheck is being handed to you. BY the people on the bottom, so enjoy your free ride off of others hard work that can literally come to nothing.


i have to agree it is a little ridiculous how they claim you can make so much money doing it . I did it for months and posted consistently and the most I ever made was 78$ and that didn't even cover my autoshipment .


Yea I figured I would try it out since I just had a baby and I was staying home but I ended up not being able to sell anything and the products I did purchase I sold on poshmark ... what a waste of time

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