I feel like I'm being stalked and harassed continually by one of your workers! She added me to facebook, I thought maybe she knew me from highschool or home town, I now think I don't know her.

She's continually sending me messages to watch videos, or try new products or inviting me to seminars.

I've been polite about it but I've said no many times, asked her to stop inviting me to things, I thought I had blocked and deleted, but she still finds me to message me. I can feel the greed and desperation ooozing off of her, I don't like the product, I don't like that the people who represent your company are praying on mums and "friends" I want this woman to stop messaging me!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This doesn't go to it works. Just a review website that helps save others from these horrid scams.

These 'distributors' are horrible. They are so desperate for sales that they will annoy anyone they can.


Had 1 as a friend, she hit up ALL my friends and their friends and their friends and ssssooooo on. ...most products can be bought at your local drug store with MUCH better quality and no lead.

... terrible business practices

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