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I don't understand why people are saying they got "scammed" into the 90 Day Loyal Customer Program! It says it RIGHT THERE when you click the button to enroll!

You have to actually click something that says "I love to save money and get my products AUTOMATICALLY every month"! That's exactly what it says! Or you can click "no thanks" and pay full retail price instead of distributor pricing! Then you even have to accept the Loyal Customer agreement, which also states the cancellation terms!

You're told TWICE!

I hate to see people bash the company because they didn't READ! You're not forced into anything!

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Well I would totally agree with you if the diatibutor had explained that to me when she volunteered to aubmit my order without telling me its an autopayment.


Finally someone says that it's there in black and white!


Nope just pressured!


Maybe because when we actually tried to cancel they kept sending them and charging my credit card. I actually sent a certified letter and the bastards keep sending the stuff.

Tomorrow I have to contact my states attorney generals office and report.

ITS A SCAM. Fake ineffective products that are costly and NEVER STOP COMING AND COSTING

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