I've used itworks for about a month now. I've lost 18 inches and 10 lbs.

You have to drink TONS of water and wrap at least 1 time a week. You also need to use the thermofit and the fat fighters and again TONS of water. I wish others would stop blaming the company for something that isn't their fault. Ppl need to look at what their doing that might be hurting their progress.here are my 72 hr results.

I'm a truck driver and have little time to exercise so this works perfectly for me....big difference in day 1 to day 3!

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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It works. Doesnt work.

There are no studies whatever that can back them up. The only thing that helps one loose weight is change in food and liquid intake. Hense in your case, more water helps illiminate and feel less hungry.

Not the product. Only the water.


Oh yea. Looks marvelous.

Are you sure you only lost 18 inches? Truck driver that drinks tons and tons of water must be stopping every hour or so


On the improved picture you have your pants pulled up higher

and you are sticking your stomach out to make it look smoother.

I am glad though you are drinking a lot of water and eating less

food. That is the real secret to weight loss.


More spam from the company.


Amazing results! I am so glad to see a positive comment.

I agree 100%, most of these problems I have seen can be fixed by their distributor or how they use the products. I am so glad it has worked for you!


Fake results. Her pants are just up higher.

All the wrap does is temporarily smooth skin like a skin peel.

It's non-lasting. Scam.

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