I got loyal customer 3 month supply of hair skin and nails. I followed the directions and never missed a day and I had zero growth after the 3 month period.

So I decided I would cancel, however, couldn't do it online. I figured I would try customer service. I called both of their lines which were apparently incredibly busy, and instead of giving me the option to hold, the line would disconnect me after the recording said they were too busy for me. Frustrated, I submitted an email (that never received a response) and ended up calling my distributor who told me she would get it taken care of for me.

I thought all was well until the next month when I received an email letting me know about my autoshipment! I went through the same customer service deal with the same result and again ended up calling my distributor. I guess she finally managed to get it canceled because I received an email later letting me know.

But it was beyond a hassle, a waste of money and let me tell you: it does not work. Don't throw your money away.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Jacksonville, Alabama

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When you sign up for shopping you get a log in if and you create a password. You are given this to modify your orders.

Don't blame your distributor or the company for shoppers not going in the modify the order or even hit that little trash can button which cancels orders. Pay attention and the system won't be an issue. Follow their suggestions on how to take their products and results will be seen. We didn't get fat over night, you won't lose it overnight either.

Put the work in if you want results. Don't blame by one else but ourselves for the way we look.


When you sign up you are giving account information and should be able to access your account. There is a place to cancel and your distributor should have helped you or put a ticket in for it to be cancelled.

Did you take any before or after pics that shows you gad zero growth? There is grape seed oil extract in our HSN and whether or not it's in our product or not, grape seed oil causes hair growth. Did you not see any skin changes such as less redness or softer skin?

Did you not take notice of your fingernails growing quicker? If you saw no change the first month, why not ask your distributor or change to another product?

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