I bought, it works greens. I had diahrea for three weeks.

Took it to my Doctor. She told me they should have never sol it to me, knowing my medical history.Also it is NOT approved by the FOOD, & DRUG ADMINISTRATION! I paid36.00 for it, & the sales rep. Only returned $20.00.

It says 100% money back guarentee! She lied & said the company still hasn't sent her the rest!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Greens Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Little Ferry, New Jersey

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Uh, no. If you read the return policy, it clearly states under the FIRST ITEM that, since the products are made from natural ingredients and thus work differently for everyone, ItWorks does not guarantee results on their products or offer a money-back guarantee.

If your Distributor informed you that there's a money back guarantee, then SHE needs to compensate you for it since SHE is the one that made that guarantee to you.

If you have ANY kind of medical history, you should be contacting your doctor and consulting with them before buying any sort of health supplement.


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You should know your own medical history and what you should and shouldn't take the people seeking it aren't physicians or even healthcare providers.


This company has been taken to court over failing to inform consumers of the high amount of lead in several of thier products. It could have been your body reaction to the heavy metal content. I have read many similar complaints like yours!


There isn't a "high amount" of lead in the products. There isn't any more than you'd find in the stuff you can buy in a grocery store's produce aisle, and nobody says a word about California forcing places to advertise that lead is in THAT.


I am so sorry to hear you had a negative experience! I hope you get fully refunded.

Customer service may refund you via product credit.

If that is the case, be sure to contact your dr to find a good product for you! Best of luck!


Shouldn't YOU know your medical history?? Greens clean your intestines, therefore, you get the runs. Educate yourself before you buy products and then blame the distributor.


The reason it's not FDA approved is because it's all plant based product. Therefore, it's not considered to heal or cure any condition or syndrome.

What consumers need to do is take any new product to their physician to see if based on the individual's medical history, they are allowed to take that supplement.

At the end of the day, the FDA approves a lot of different things that have tons of adverse effects. But I don't agree with the customer service and how the situation was handled.

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