It Works Greens Supplement Reviews

Had a bad experience with it works. I called and told them about the auto shipment that I did not know that I was on. Due to the fact that someone had sign me up for it and never told me that I was on the Loyalty program. I tried to call and inform them about it but I realize that something wasn't right when another package came in the mail. The guy was very ignorant and rude to me I tried to explain to him that I had an auto immune deficiency...
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I liked
  • When they kept pushing there products on me
I didn't like
  • Misleading results and customer requirements
  • How they have control over your money
  • Deception
I bought, it works greens. I had diahrea for three weeks. Took it to my Doctor. She told me they should have never sol it to me, knowing my medical history.Also it is NOT approved by the FOOD, & DRUG ADMINISTRATION! I paid36.00 for it, & the sales rep. Only returned $20.00. It says 100% money back guarentee! She lied & said the company still hasn't sent her the rest!!!.
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It Works Greens Supplement Review

I use Greens, thermofit, Fatfighters, wraps and Hair Skin and Nails. I love them all!