I absolutely love it works products. I have bought every product and love it.

The greens are my favorite and the berry flavor is amazing, I always have my greens. My grandmother has diabetes and high blood pressure and she was on 3 blood pressure medications and now is on two, her blood sugar as been normal since starting the greens. Her energy level is out the water. She is a nurse so we researched the products before starting them and everything is natural.

Idk it's really great, I tell everyone about how awesome the products are. I lost two inches off my stomach from my first wrap!

It was awesome. I'm sorry you guys had such a poor experience with it works.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Picayune, Mississippi

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The greens caused my period to he extremely heavy - so much so that I could not leave my home. I stopped taking the greens and my period became normal again.

This product is loaded with filler - soy - which I believe caused my issue. Every person is different. Buyer be ware.

The people selling this product are not doctors. Consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement.


I agree with you I love it and have been able to go of my blood pressure meds. and no I do not sell it just buy it and love it.


It's pretty obvious that you are one of the distributors for this *** pyramid scheme.


Soy Lechtin is NOT natural.


Lecithins are oily substances that occur naturally in plants (soybeans) and animals (egg yolks).

I had to look this up 2 be sure...

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