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Several of my friends sell these products and are constantly bombarding social media sites with their aggressive sales tactics, which of course I fell for. I signed up with a friend as a loyal customer of hers and decided to try the Greens drink mix.

This is seriously the most disgusting thing I have ever tried... Tastes like dirt water and has the grittiness of sand. I mixed it with juice even and well, the juice was ruined. I have cut back on the amount I use and no matter how much (or less) I use or what I mix it with it is still disgusting.

The product has failed to live up to my friend's promises... She made it sound like it adds energy and mental clarity while alkalyzing and detoxifying my digestive system. I see no improvement. After two weeks of using this I have only noticed that my stomach hurts beyond belief...

Like it's on fire constantly... I cant even eat. Im tossing the rest of this in the trash, and canceling my credit card tomorrow morning. Forget this ***.

The only thing that works about It Works is its ability to get people to fall for this ***. Just another pyramid scheme.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hey! Try the greens with a Gatorade and use one scoop instead of two!

Have also found that using an ice cold drink works better than a room temp drink! It is a texture that takes some getting use to but I started that way and worked my way to the full serving and love it!

Best of luck!


That's strange I love the greens and so does my husband. I guess I like the dirt wheat grass flavor though


It works greens have absolutely no nutritional value.... So drinking straight dirt would have been better!


How do you know there is no nutritional value in their products? I'm assuming you actually resurched and found out the actual ingredients before throwing a comment like that out there.


reSEARCH your spelling and grammar.


It sounds like it did work because you were able to gain some clarity and see that you were scammed.


Yes! Not only by the company, but by a trusted friend as well. Unreal You never know who you can trust......


The whole detox thing is a myth anyway:

And people who claim a detox product has helped them feel better is the placebo effect OR they want your money.


I sign up as a loyal customer and ordered the greens, it made me feel energetic plus I really liked the taste of it.I put the Green's in the blender and added water,ice and a banana and it had a great flavor to it. It never affected my stomach in any way.

I had fun being creative with it. It might not be for everyone, we are all different.


You sure you aren't selling this ***? Sounds like you are a distributor, not a customer.


Enjoy it till you go bankrupt all it takes is one laws suit that is why you do your research before selling and endorsing a "miracle" product. How does anyone not notice it's a scheme the product is called it works in hopes of trying to get people to think if it's named that it must work. You pay them a *** ton to rub icy hot on your skin and wrap your *** in plastic wrap how ***.

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