I was sent to the ER for ITworks greens. There were non edible particles in my abdomen and colon.

This showed in my CT scan. I had lots of Stomach pain, etc.. My doctor said to stop taking it immediately and said some of the materials do not digest and are glass like. Fun right?

However I stopped taking it and once my body cleansed itself natural I have been fine. They said they wouldn't refund the money for the product I already have but will refund the next products with a doctors note. I have a huge ER bill, I will be doing more than a doctors note. One should not be put in the ER for something so "natural." This company does not have good customer service and clearly the product isn't what it hyped up be.


Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. My doctor said if he did a CT scan of other people taking it, it would show the same thing in their abdomen.

I have read Many reviews about stomach pains and other symptoms I've had. Be cautious please!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Palm Valley, Florida

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I am considering becoming a distributor. I read your review and alarmed.

I have read the ingredients and I am not seeing anything that is non edible. What ingredients did he say were not digestible?


Clearly it's not.. Have you researched every ingredient?

I have. So has he.. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone but tell my story from what happened to me.

I doubt the ER Doctor at The Mayo doesn't know what he's talking about.. Just bringing awareness to what COULD happen.


If you aren't getting enough nutrients in your meals, and then you start on a super condensed nutrient supplement you are bound to have some digestion problems.


That doctor has no way to be able to make that claim...and I don't know ANYBODY ( including my husband) with that issue. The ingredients are listed and IT IS all natural.


Sea glass is natural, too, but I'm not planning on crushing and eating it.


sea glass is not natural!!

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