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It Works Fat fighter ... Doesn't work .. I suffered terrible painful bloating from taking these pills. Went to my Gastro Dr. and she said the pills a are nothing but fiber pills..she also told my I had an ulcer and to stay away from wheat/whey based products, which these are!! I was miserable for 2 -3 weeks until I got them out of my system.

To top it off, I still had to buy something for the next 2 months and I wasn't taking anything from them. So I wasted $120 for nothing , and was miserable for weeks because of what's in the products .

Of course I didn't get my money back, which sucks because the "rep" who's is related to me and knew I was having all of these issues didn't even offer.

DON'T DO IT! Try eating healthier on your own or see a registered dietian at your local hospital, who can put you on the right course .

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Fat Fighter Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: College Park, Maryland

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you need call your rep she could have stopped you shippment

I have had my stopped several times so someone screwed you not company

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