It Works Fat Fighter Supplement Reviews

It Works Fat fighter ... Doesn't work .. I suffered terrible painful bloating from taking these pills. Went to my Gastro Dr. and she said the pills a are nothing but fiber pills..she also told my I had an ulcer and to stay away from wheat/whey based products, which these are!! I was miserable for 2 -3 weeks until I got them out of my system. To top it off, I still had to buy something for the next 2 months and I wasn't taking anything from...
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I was introduced to It Works by the Pilates instructor at my gym. She is a distributor and I, mistakenly, thought I could trust her. She told me the Fat Fighter works so I decided to try it. It does NOT work! Waste of money! For my second auto shipment I ordered WOW, a serum that is supposed to temporarily tighten skin. I had an allergic reaction and ended up with red, runny eyes. In addition, I was sent a second bottle of Fat Fighter when I did...
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I didn't like
  • Take your money but do not fullfill their commitment
  • Deception