Marfa, Texas
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My daughter was an IW distributor. I joined to be supportive and got my regular shipments.

i mostly wrapped my knees as they are my biggest issue but also used wraps on my hips and stomach area. I followed the instructions exactly and in 1-2 days i would lose from 1/2 - 2 inches of any of these area. unfortunately, by the end of the 72 hr period, the loss would be gone and i'd be back at my original measurement - every single time. i guess if you believe losing an inch and regaining it a day or two later is a great solution, then i guess you'd say It Worked.

for me, i would say i wasted my money and my time. i was not happy and both my daughter and myself cut our ties with this company. a few months later however i did find my solution.

i am so pleased with my results and have found the company i was looking for. if any one would care to know more about my solution, contact me on facebook Gloria Applegate, Marfa or email me: Good Luck to each of you, i know what it means to search for year after year, waste money, time, energy to just have your hopes dashed time and again.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

It Works Cons: Deception, Wasting my time.

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Your post comes across as a promotion of what you are now selling. Bash one company to promote another. Not cool!


You're going to post this comment after only trying the product ONCE???? obviously you didn't use it right and as recommended so you have to go on by bashing people because of something You didn't do right!?

What kind of hooplah is that!?

I'll take my chances. Can't beat Natural products


Pretty sure she said each time she used it. I'd like to add there is no scientific proof this works and they act like you should pay them but won't explain how it works or what'sin it.


The wraps would be perfect for you work to tighten, tone, and firm your trouble area! They are made with a botanical crème that is also awesome for reducing the appearance of cellulite and only have to be worn for 45 minutes to see results.


Right, and what exactly is in the "botanical crème"?


But the results are temporary. Very temporary.

It's a scam. Stop lying to people.

Stop stealing from people. Stop roping poor single moms into this ***.

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