Don't ever sign up as a distributor for It Works Global. I signed up November 2014 and my upline was horrible.

I did all research on products myself, and the leader of our group, is a self-righteous, egotistical dictator. She would bark orders for other distributors to do, but wouldn't do any herself. I was having some personal problems and took a break from the business. I was constantly harassed on fb by my upline if I wanted to come back, and I told her not right now, I will know, when and if the time is right.

She said that was fine and I didn't hear from her for a bit. I decided that maybe I would like to give it another go, I liked the products, I use them, so I got going again in my business, I was giving it my all, and really generating a lot of interest. My upline ignored me, wouldn't add me back into their groups on fb, she kept making up excuses of why she couldn't add me right away, than she told me she added me, and I know she was lying. I sent in a complaint to itworks and their solution was to work on the same team just a different upline???

How would that solve the problem? Got fed up, cancelled my account, asked for my money back, wouldn't give it to me, and now I am out some money because of them.

It works is the worst company ever, there are dts who poach other people's friends lists to steal customers/distributors, and when it is reported, they ignore. Horrible, horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Account.

Store Location: Truro, Nova Scotia

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I absolutely hate u had this issue with your upline. I have the best team support in the business.

You say u loved the products and u know they work, I would love to talk to you and maybe even get u on our team if possibe. I so hope they have not completely ruined your perception on the business, it's still awesome peeps out there.


If you really wanted to talk to them you wouldn't be anon. Super shady. Ur a liar just like the rest.


thank you for the review i was thinking about ordering but after reading literally hundreds of reviews and mostly all very negative. i believe also this place is a scam. thank you for saving me money and a headache for sure...


I also had bad luck with the products and getting my products. I was not a distributor thank goodness.

I found a legit and scientifically proven business that I am in and love the people and the products!

We help our people succeed!! Money is awesome too!!


I'm curious to know what buisness u r in. I have been researching and contemplating on joining it works as a distributer, however I live in a small poverty and drug infested town, even though its been deemed as one of the "fattest" and depressing cities in America, I'm just unsure of how well buisness would be. Any info is appreciated!


If the city you live in has a high level of poverty, why would you want to cheat people out of money they don't have?

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